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Politeness: 2 Characteristics In Business Trading Correspondence

Politeness: 2 Characteristics In Business Trading Correspondence

Business correspondence plays an essential role in commercial transaction since it serves as an important way of contact in various business activities. A business letter gracefully and politely written will probably polish the company’s image filled with integrity and hospitality, which will convince the counterpart to cooperate with you and concludes series of business transactions. On the contrary, a rude letter will bring about side effects and damage the company’s image.

Apart from compliance with the principle of completeness, clarity and concreteness, a perfect business letter entails appropriate tone and expressions and observes the politeness principle. Then what are the politeness principle and the characteristics of business trading correspondence?

1 To keep equal between the two parties.

In business trading correspondence, two parties’ negotiations should be based on equality and mutual interest. To be too modest for politeness will backfire and lead to the doubt on your ability from the partner. E.g. you could rest assured that we would make every effort to effect the shipment as soon as possible so as to meet your demand. It is obvious. It would be better to change into we assure that we shall do our best to expedite the shipment.

2 To choose easygoing words.

It’s said that, the more intimate, the less politeness in talking; while the less intimate, the more politeness. That’s why the politeness level among intimate social crowd is low and they speak more directly. Therefore, to properly lower the politeness level of language means intently improving the intimacy and amiability in speech to achieve the business objective.

It is studied that nowadays more and more customer’s especially western companies intend to be fond of oral expression in fax or e-mail to create a relaxing and easy-going atmosphere to make smooth communications. For example, “nothing your enquiry about shipping mark, I will get back to you as soon as the information is available.” The informal expression “get back to you” can be used to replace the formal “replay to your enquiry” such expression sounds more relaxing and close, but not impolite.

In a word, a polite business letter can expedite the conclusion of a business transaction. Just try to comply with politeness principle when you have to write a business correspondence.

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Forex Trading The News – Forex News Helps Traders Make Informed Decisions Towards Potential Earnings

Forex Trading The News – Forex News Helps Traders Make Informed Decisions Towards Potential Earnings

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