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Using Social News Sites

Using Social News Sites

Almost anyone that spends a lot of time browsing the internet and saving bookmarks is familiar with social bookmarking. It is the ability to save your favorite websites and bookmarks on a website on the internet instead on your individual web browser.

All though social bookmarking has many advantages, one of the main advantages is that it allows you to access and view these bookmarks from any computer as long as they’ve been saved on a social news site. Social news sites are now becoming equally as popular as social bookmarking.

Using social news sites is extremely easy. The hardest part will be deciding which social news site to use since there are so many and new ones starting every day. Reddit, Digg, Propeller and Newsvine are some of the most popular social news sites. The great thing about social news sites is that they’re perfect for someone that is interested in late breaking news and not other websites. They don’t have the chore of siphoning through tons of other articles just to find what they’re looking for.

Social news sites are very similar to social bookmarking sites in that you will need to become a member if you wish to submit articles. Many people come to social news sites to read all the latest news on their favorite topics. Articles are often voted on by readers, with those getting the most or highest votes on top. This option makes it easy to find the best articles quickly.

Social news sites are also categorized by sports, politics, news events, entertainment, etc. It’s almost like your Sunday newspaper, which has different sections. The unique thing about social news sites is that once you get to your favorite section, the best articles are right in front of you and easy to find.

The best way to find what you’ll consider the best social news site is by browsing through a few and seeing what each one has to offer. Some cater to specific groups such as developers, men, women, etc. It will be very easy to find one that matches your interests as well as one that you’re comfortable using.

If you enjoy reading and spending time on the internet, you’ll love what they have to offer. In addition to the most recent news stories, you’ll also have the chance to share your favorite articles with friends and family members as well as reading articles they’ve posted. Check out some social news sites today and see what all the hype is about.

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