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Republican Values

Republican Values

Since the Republican Party’s inception during the early 1850s, strong morals and values have been emphasized. Support for the abolishment of slavery fueled the origin of this new political club. Their platform was rather simple at the time stressing human rights, religion, and family values. As social culture changed and national policy became more complex, the party maintained their core political platform. However, an unraveling of such issues are now ever so apparent. It appears as though the party is close to experiencing a record decline in support from the American people. How long will the Republican Party survive with increasingly unbelievable views?

One of the issues they constantly support is biblically based morals and values. For example, homosexuality is a well covered topic within the GOP. According to the bible it is against God’s laws for a man to be with another man. Of course the interpretation has been of a sexual nature. For decades this has been one of the foremost party issues on the political agenda. The Republican Party constantly scrutinizes the homosexual community to a point of shameful slander. However, members inside the GOP claiming to represent these impeccable values continue to engage in hypocritical acts. Recent events have happened with members of the Republican Party that illustrate this fact. A clear example is Senator Larry Craig and his reported sex scandal. All the while he was said to be a devout Republican and has now participated in homosexual solicitation. Anyone can see an obvious pattern of hypocrisy inside the GOP.

Another topic popular to the Republican agenda is their infringing and dominating foreign policy. It is aggressive, intrusive, and thoroughly offensive to other nations. Also it serves as an utter embarrassment for our citizens and country. The present situation in Iraq has brought many countries to resent the United States. Our President’s approach was arrogant as well as insulting to

The Major Issues the Republican Party Faces

The Major Issues the Republican Party Faces

The Republican Party also called the Grand Old Party (GOP) is the second oldest active party in the United States of America and was established in 1854 by a coalition of former Whigs, Northern Democrats, former Liberty Party activists and Free-Soilers with the sole aim of opposing the spread of slavery and dreams of forming a united and modern America. Ripon, Wisconsin and Jackson, Michigan lay claim to the birthplace of the party. Abraham Lincoln is the first Republican to be elected President in 1861 and the GOP till date is also referred to as ‘party of Lincoln’. The party presided over the ‘American Civil War’ and ‘reconstruction’, major events which shaped America’s political and economic destiny. The color red has come to be recognized as the color of GOP though it has not been officially adopted by the party.

Republicans are known for their conservative platform – a curious blend of economic libertarianism and social conservatism leaning towards religious right. Their positions on issues of major importance are outlined below :

The support a robust version of federalism with greater limitations based on federal power and a larger role reserved for the states.
They strongly believe that making law is the prerogative of the legislature and that judiciary should not legislate from the bench, a case in point being the Roe Vs. Wade abortion ruling. Towards this end, they have supported various bills in the last decade limiting the courts ability to hear certain types of cases thereby restricting judicial activism and review.
They favor free-market system and limited government regulation. The have formulating policies supporting businesses, economic liberalism and economic freedom.
They favor lower income tax rates and believe that graduated tax rates (higher income tax rates for high income earners) unfairly target those who create jobs and wealth.
They do agree that a ‘safety net’ should be provided for those who are needy and less fortunate but

Republican Beliefs

Republican Beliefs

When it comes to the political parties throughout the world you may know by know that there are a lot of different political parties. The two biggest political parties to be found in the United States of America is the Republican and the Democrats. The Democratic Party is known for being the biggest political party but the Republican Party closely follows this. If you are looking for information on the Republican Party then you should continue reading this article because this article will be telling you about the Republican Beliefs.

As any party, many different individuals throughout the United States of America talk about the Republican Party. Many individuals will say bad things about the Republicans but then there are those individuals who are Republican and will only say good things about the Republican Party. Perhaps this is because the Republican Party really does have good beliefs?

So really what does the Republican Party believe in? One thing we know for sure is that the Republican Party believes that the strength of the nation is within the individual. We must say that this is a pretty popular saying when it comes to the Republican Party so chances are you have heard them say it a number of different times. The Republican Party will also tell you that they believe everyone is created equal and no one should be treated differently. The Republican Party believes that everyone should have equal rights, equal opportunity and even equal justice.

You should not treat someone different because of his or her age, race, color, gender, religious beliefs or anything else. Throughout the History of the United States of America the Republican Party has supported a number of different things such as the abolition of slavery. The Republican Party has also supported the freedom of speech rights along with the women’s suffrage. Have you ever wondered who proposed the 14th Amendment? It was the Republicans who proposed the 14th Amendment and as you

The Republican Party and Blacks

The Republican Party and Blacks

My good friend, Timothy Johnson, Ph.D., was recently honored by the Buncombe County Republican party. Timothy Johnson has been elected party chair. It did not go unnoticed that he is the first black elected party chair in Buncombe County – Republican or Democratic. In an interview with the Weaverville newspaper, Tim commented on how many blacks are “ignorant” of the bedrock beliefs of the Republican Party. Dr. Johnson believes that the ideals of the Republican Party line up very well with the ideals of the Black community.

Before I go on any further, I would like to say that no one and no party has cornered the market on ethics or morality. There are bad and evil people that are motivated by greed and power in both parties. But, with that being said, I think we can look over the past 40 years and honestly begin to evaluate which party truly benefited Blacks and continues to benefit minorities and the underprivileged. Let’s look at a few issues.

Civil rights. This one is easy. There is no contest. In the 60s the Democrats stood with Blacks. Southern Democrats there were opposed to integration did not like the direction of the party and slowly but surely left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party. Were there individual Republicans who believed that integration was inevitable? Were there individual Republicans who believed that segregation was an abomination? I think the answer is yes on both counts. Did the Republican party change their platform in 1964 and 1968 to appease Southern Whites? Yes.

The Economy. Republicans like to talk about cutting government spending. I lived in Texas most of my life. Republicans rule in Texas. I saw the state government cut so deeply that some regulatory agencies had to stop regulating. They had to fire some government workers because there was no more money. Republicans stood back and smiled but when you go to the DMV and have to wait 2 or 3 hours just to talk to someone before you can begin the process of getting your license? Please think of those cuts. When you get a brand new tatoo which gives you a skin infection or possibly even hepatitis because there was not enough inspectors to regularly inspect that parlor who’s smiling now?

When Ronald Reagan took office he promised to cut the size of government and to cut government spending. Conservatives talk eloquently about how masterful Reagan was with the budget. They forget to tell you that the budget deficit grew during the Reagan years. No matter how the Republicans like to sugar coat their policies, the fact that under Reagan, Bush and now, George W. Bush the budget deficit has grown completely flies in the face of fiscal responsibility. Even the conservative Cato Institute, in an article by Chris Edwards states, “Reagan’s failure was that he did not control federal spending growth. By 1989, federal spending was up 69 percent from 1981. The deficit widened.”

In my own book, A Letter to America, I criticized the Bush administration for its tax cuts for the rich. I believe that your tax policy should reflect your morals beliefs. The budget process is more than pushing numbers around. The process should reflect the hopes and dreams of America. Take for example, a small and simple program like LIHEAP (low income heating and energy assistance program), this program provides assistance to the poor for heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Who can be against this program? The Bush administration. Bush tried to cut funding for this program several years in a row. In 2003, it took a Senate vote (88-4) to force the Bush administration to release the funding. You can’t tell me that this helps Blacks, minorities or the poor.

Race. When President Reagan increased the low interest rates on student loans, it was clear that he really did not understand the needs of working Americans. When Ronald Reagan stood by and supported Apartheid well that’s a completely different story or is it? You don’t have to take my word for it, take Bishop Desmond Tutu’s. In 1984, while on Capital Hill, Bishop Tutu blasted Reagan’s support of South Africa, “In my view, the Reagan administration’s support and collaboration with it is equally immoral, evil, and totally un-Christian. . . . You are either for or against apartheid and not by rhetoric. You are either in favor of evil or you are in favor of good. You are either on the side of the oppressed or on the side of the oppressor. You can’t be neutral.”

Right wing Republican think tanks have been working on trying to reverse affirmative action for over 30 years. Affirmative action is fundamental to the progress that we have seen recently. From Justice Clarence Thomas to Barack Obama, affirmative action has begun to equalize the playing field. Thomas came from a small town in Georgia. Why would Holy Cross take him in 1967? He wasn’t a great student from a small Georgia town. In college, he did well then went on to Yale. Remember before affirmative action, colleges would simply pass over Blacks and other minorities. Whether they were qualified or not. No matter how some folks try to spin affirmative action, it is an excellent program that has benefited Blacks, Whites, Latinos … Americans.

Education. This is the great equalizer. You can lift someone out of poverty by giving them the winning lottery ticket or by giving them an education. There are no guarantees in life but an education maybe the closest thing. Everyone has seen the numbers that the average income for someone without a high school diploma is about $ 23,000. The average income for someone with a college degree is $ 52,000.

With student loans harder and harder to come by and college tuition going up faster than the price of gas, college students need some help. Unfortunately, the Bush administration has had none to offer. There is no major program that the Bush administration has designed to help college students.

No Child Left Behind. The fact that the program has never been fully funded should be considered a crime. The whole concept of teaching to a test just never sat well with me. There is no data suggesting that testing equals learning which is the whole basis of NCLB. As a matter of fact, I think that the opposite happens. When focusing on the information for a test, students and teachers miss great learning opportunities.

Reagan, Bush, Sr. and Bush, Jr. have trying to suck funding out one of the only government programs that has been universally praised – Head Start. This program has been credited for helping minorities get out of poverty. We need more programs like it and not less. We need a Head Start like program for middle school and for high school, so our children can get ahead and stay ahead.

One of the best hoaxes played on the American people are school vouchers. The Republicans have been pushing this idea from coast to coast for some time. The idea is if your public school isn’t performing well then you should be able to take your child out of public school and place your child in some other school using public funds. It sounds great. Of course, if you pull funds out of failing schools how are those schools going to get any better. Actually, these cash strapped schools should get increased funding if they are failing. We need better teachers and better books and facilities in these schools. The other side of voucher hoax is where are you going to try to put your child? Is there a good school that has a bunch of openings for kids from failing schools. No. School vouchers are just another way to cripple the public educational system.

Tim Johnson, I congratulate you on your new position but I don’t think that the Republican party has been friendly to minorities in general or Blacks in particular. I saw Senator John McCain, the Republican party’s presidential nominee, last week speak in Kenner, La, just outside New Orleans. He spoke in front of an almost completely White crowd. Outside of Governor Jindal, I was unable to see any face of color in the crowd. I have watched the video several times. I think that’s telling. You can’t tell me that you can’t find a Black face in Southern Louisiana. Tim, I wish you good luck hopefully you can change the Republican party for the better.

Finally, I must say something about Barack Obama. Wow. It is simply amazing. A Black man is the nominee of the Democratic party. This Black man isn’t running for dog catcher or mayor or even governor, but for President of the United States. I didn’t want to get my hopes up but it was a thrill to see him win in Iowa. I was crushed when he didn’t win in New Hampshire. He then won and won big in South Carolina. It was after South Carolina, I knew something different was happening. I watched him rake in money over the internet. No one has ever done this. No one. 1.6 million donors!?!? I watched his speeches but I also watched the enthusiasm that he generated. I just knew something bad was going to happen. Something awful. Something like he never paid his taxes, ever or he used to drown baby seals. I didn’t know. I just felt something was going to trip him up. He racked up 13 victories in February and the Democratic race was really over. Yes, there was “bitter-gate” and Reverend Jeremiah Wright but Barack Obama turned negatives into positives and kept on going. Finally, there was a Democratic Presidential candidate that I enthusiastically run to polls and vote for. Barack Obama, Democratic nominee for president. Man, oh, man. I just wish my father had lived to see it. For the first time, last Tuesday night, we would have cried, together.

Dr. Errington C. Thompson, MD, is a surgeon, scholar, full=time sports fan and part-time political activist. He is active in a number of community projects and initiatives. Through medicine, he strives to improve the physical health of all he treats. Through this book, he hopes to share his thoughts and reflections on the current political landscape.

Dr. Thompson was educated at Emory University and Southwestern Medical School and currently resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina.