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The Olympics And Political Protests

The Olympics And Political Protests


The Olympics is no place for political protests; sports and politics are totally different entities.

There is no doubt that this year’s Olympics have been one of the most politically heated topics in sporting history. The issue was sparked off by events in Tibet. Additionally there were claims that the Chinese government has been abusing its people’s human rights. These arguments have caused some countries to boycott the Olympics or to demonstrate in their respective countries about the Olympics. Such decisions necessitate a thorough analysis of the situation. The essay will examine whether the Olympics is the right scene for these political issues.

Arguments for using the Olympics as a platform for political protests

‘There is active discussion in China about how to proceed with Tibet, and a constant debate about political reforms.'(Buxi, 2008)

Some people believe that by using the Olympics as a platform for political issues, they exert pressure upon oppressive governments and such governments may be forced to change their regime. It is a fact that 2008 Olympics to be held in China has sparked lots of debate. The above writer believes that these protests are actually prompting the Chinese government to review their policies towards Tibet. The latter country is fighting for independence and in order to gain international support, there is a need to choose the right movement when all eyes are on the host country. Such people argue that if they were to choose another time like after the Olympics, very few countries will be interested in the problems of China. Also using sporting events as a platform for political issues allows other countries to demonstrate their disdain about the actions of those oppressive regimes.

There are also claims that host countries need to foster the image of the Olympics. This means that they need to portray the peace and unity that is synonymous with the event. If a host country has not been doing this, then it can be seen as a form of hypocrisy. The Chinese government has been criticized for its human rights abuses. There have reports about how the Chinese government prevents its citizens from discussing issues about their government. Furthermore, the Chinese government normally discourages most foreigners form discussing their problems claiming that it has nothing to do with them; they believe that they are the only ones with a right to solve their problems. In light of these arguments, it would be quite unfair for such a government to hold the Olympics and claim that they foster the spirit of unity that is synonymous with the torch. (Rice, 2008)

Some people believe that protests should be conducted in any platforms a long as there is room to be heard. Furthermore, they believe that sometimes members of the host country may not have the political freedom to do so consequently, the international community needs top help them in this. For instance, there are numerous goods in the US government that come form the Chinese government. But workers in that location have minimal access to basic resources. Most of them are subjected to harsh working conditions and low pay. They cannot complain about this situation because it may bring problems. Consequently, the international community needs to help the Chinese workers by voicing their complaints. These complaints will only be noticed when the country stands to loose something. For instance, if the international countries boycotts the Olympics, then chances are the Chinese government will loose a lot. It may therefore be promoted to change their worker’s conditions due to these changes.

Arguments against using the Olympics as a platform for political protests

‘Sport is sport and politics is politics. There has never been anyone who has belied the fact that sport is the best way of uniting peoples.’ (Brincat, 2008)

The above writer believes that the Olympic event is a sporting affair and not a political one. Consequently, all political issues need to be solved through discussions between the affected parties. The problem is between Tibet and China, therefore representatives from both groups need to negotiate. There is no need to waste efforts by protesting against injustices through sports. This writer also believes that there mediation and long term solutions will only come up when the parties are discussing the issue. So far, there have been no tangible results from the protests that we have seen so far. Some reporters have asserted that China will be pressured to improve its policies but no results are forthcoming yet.

Adherents to this view also believe that including political issues in this international sporting event only serves to undermine the main idea behind it; that is unifying all the people of the world. By introducing politics into the equation protestors may cause some countries to boycott the Olympic. This undermines the very purpose behind the sport.

Introducing politics into Politics is not something new; this has occurred in the past. During the year 1984, there were protests in Los Angeles. Also, in the year 1980, there were political issues in Moscow; there were no positive results that came from them. Instead, international sports were undermined. This is exactly what will happen when political issues continue ruling the platform. It should be noted that when countries choose to boycott sporting events, they deny very talented participants from joining the spots. This means that those who accept to do so may not be the best competitors. Consequently, armature athletes may win while the real talent may be forced to stay home. This devalues the entire event. (Barney, 2003)

One must not forget the fact that the Chinese government has gone through a lot of effort to prepare themselves for this event. Fir instance, it has first class facilities for the event like a stadium called Bird’s nest and a swimming pool called Water Cube. By brining in politics in sports, countries that have invested heavily in the sport may be forced to count their losses due to poor attendance though boycotts.

Adherents to the above view also assert that most of the issues that people protest about in politics have nothing to do with politics. For instance protesters against the Beijing Olympics argue that there may be environmental problems in China. The alter issues will not affect the events in the Olympics directly and this means that the latter should not be used as a scene for addressing them.

Lastly, there are numerous athletes that have dedicated so much time and effort top prepare for the vent. These athletes need to be given an opportunity to compete. By introducing politics in the equation, such athletes will not be given a fair chance.


Some people assert that there is no better platform to air out their political issues that the Olympics because the event attracts international attention. It will therefore allow other countries to join in the political issues causing tension. They also claim that using the Olympics as a platform for politics pressures oppressive regimes to change their policies. An example of these changes can be seen in China.

However, other people claim that it undermines the efforts of the sportsmen who put in a lot of time and dedication to prepare for the event. Besides that political issues have nothing to do with the Olympics. As if this is not enough, it causes a waste in resources since host countries invest a lot of resources to prepare for the event. Also, no tangible results are usually forthcoming through protests. Political issues are best solved on a round table. Lastly, protests in Olympics undermine the unity and peace; these are the main principles behind the event. In light of the latter views, it can be seen that Political issues should not be addressed during the Olympics. Citizens need to choose more appropriate platforms because they are the ones who stand to loose in the end.


Buxi, T. (2008): Two Chinese Protests two different reactions; retrieved from http://blog.speak4china.com/?p=28 accessed on 30 May 2008

Brincat, H. (2008): Let the Chinese Olympics go on; Standard Publications Ltd

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Barney, R. (2003); The Olympic legacy of wealth: a double-edged sword, NY; Routledge Publishers

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San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs California Political Lawyer Analyzes Political Campaign Finance Laws

San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs California Political Lawyer Analyzes Political Campaign Finance Laws

As the 2008 Presidential Election goes into high gear, people from cities such as Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla in San Diego to cities such as Laguna Beach, Anaheim, Irvine and Yorba Linda in Orange County, from Santa Maria to Santa Barbara to Ventura and Oxnard, to Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Ontario, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Fullerton to Indian Wells, Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta both individuals and candidates are having questions about campaign election finance laws and are looking for a California campaign election finance lawyer who can advise them.

In the world of political campaign finance law, in the past few elections, the most important issue has been soft money. Today, soft money is still important, but it ranks with the money being raised and spent by national party committees and with the greater use of the internet, 2008 has brought individual contributions to a higher level of importance that ranks in importance with soft money and national party money.

While soft money or unregulated money can be spent for any advertising that stops short of expressly advocating the election or defeat of an individual, it is that broad definition that allows it to still be used in advertising that goes so far as to allow the advertising to mention a candidate, and virtually call him or her out for their position on an issue. Such advertising is in many cases blatant negative advertising.

Corporate and labor PACs raise money from restricted individuals. Labor PACs raise money from their union employees, corporation PACs from managerial employees and stockholders and their family members.

In the last 60 days before a federal election, PACs hands are untied and they can not only advocate political issues but also mention federal election candidates in their in their advertising.

Under the Federal Election Campaign Act, an organization becomes a political committee by receiving contributions or making expenditures in excess of ,000 to influence a federal election.

A 527 Group (which falls into the category of soft money) avoids regulation by the Federal Election Commission because they allegedly use and raise money only for the advocation of issues. Because the line between issue advocacy and candidate advocacy is so thin, the use of these groups is a source of heated debate about soft money. These Groups are not bound by the same restrictions on PACs.

An example of a 527 Group in the 2004 federal election campaign was the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth which ran advertisements on television that blatantly attacked John Kerry. The Group was later fined by the Federal Election Commission for specifically advocating the defeat of John Kerry. But by then, the damage had already been done.

Different rules apply to state and local elections. An individual intending to campaign for any elected office needs to know election finance rules and should consult with a political campaign finance attorney as soon as possible in forming their campaign.

The Sebastian Gibson Law Firm serves all of San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs and Palm Desert, the Coastal Cities from La Jolla and Del Mar to Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana and Irvine and up to Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. We also serve the Inland Empire cities of Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Temecula, Riverside and San Bernardino and all the cities in the Coachella Valley.

Visit our website at http://www.sebastiangibsonlaw.com if you have a

political campaign, election, campaign finance or other political election issue, we have the knowledge and resources to represent you as your California Election Lawyer and California Campaign Finance Attorney or your attorney in the areas surrounding cities such as any of the cities in the Coachella Valley including Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Indian Wells, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Rancho Mirage, Desert Hot Springs, Twentynine Palms, Thermal, Indio, Coachella, La Quinta, or cities in San Diego, and Orange County, such as La Jolla, Del Mar, Carlsbad, San Clemente, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Buena Park, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Riverside, Temecula or Fullerton.

Using Buttons and Badges Effectively in a Political Campaign

Using Buttons and Badges Effectively in a Political Campaign

Political campaigns can be tense and stressful. There is so much to do and often not enough time to do it. If you are a candidate or campaign manager, you should not be without a button maker machine. These machines will help you with some of the most critical areas of your campaign – getting the word out, addressing issues, and rallying support. Not only will buttons help acknowledge the issues and rally support, they will do it inexpensively and that is a word that any campaign manager likes to hear.

Mass mailings and phone campaigns take time and money. Postal rates continue to go up as well as the cost of paper, printing, and labels. You need paid staff or volunteers to organize the mailing list and put the mailers together for shipping. A great percentage of these mailers will never be read or even opened. The recipient who has other more important things on his or her mind will classify these mailers as “junk mail” and toss it in the trash. However, if you and your staff are wearing buttons, you are inviting the viewer to ask you questions. This gives you one on one face time with the public to answer directly and discuss the issues important to you candidate and party.

Your volunteers are some of the most important people you will deal with in a political campaign. They give their time and efforts in order to see their candidate win the election. Buttons for your volunteers are great for inexpensive nametags. Making buttons for your volunteers with the candidate’s name, party affiliation and the date of the election will help them be identified in public. This is especially helpful if your volunteers are doing door to door campaigning or are out at a public event. Buttons are a great conversation starter and will give your volunteers an opportunity to tell people about your candidate and the issues he or she cares about.

Rallies are another great opportunity to pass out buttons. Political rallies are high excitement and these buttons with your candidate’s name and what he or she is running for can be sold at rallies and fundraising events. Speeches and debates are other events that these buttons can be worn or sold at. These buttons will help accelerate the campaign and give your candidate name recognition.

Educating the voters on the issues is a major part of any election or race. Making buttons that read “Vote No on Amendment Two” will let people know just where you stand. Getting the word out about how your candidate or party wishes to vote is important. Buttons with the date of the election and an encouragement to get out and vote is equally important. A button that reads “Vote on November 2nd” will remind everyone who sees it to vote and this will enhance the odds of your candidate’s success.

Fundraising events are a part of every campaign. Contributors to your campaign can receive buttons that say “I support John Doe”. The campaign slogan should be made into a button and either sold to raise money or given away at party meetings and fundraisers. These also make a great keepsake for the candidate and the voters.

If there are particular activist groups that support your candidate, then make buttons with their organization name stating that the organization supports your candidate. This goes along way in showing that your candidate cares about that group and its agenda. For example, a button that says “John Doe Supports Local Commerce” given out to the local businesses will encourage others with that same feeling to vote for your candidate. You can never thank your supporters enough, and having custom buttons with their group name and the election year on it will be a keepsake at the close of the election.

Urging people to vote is critical in this day and age. Elections have become closer and every vote counts. Making “I Voted” buttons to give away after voting has taken place can encourage other people to step up and be heard as well. Make sure that you have some buttons made up with the date the voting takes place and encourage your staff and volunteers to wear them. If no one votes then no one gets elected and no issues are resolved. Buttons are a great way to remind people to perform this great civic duty.

You have probably already seen buttons in the political arena. Some of the major reasons those political parties and campaigners use buttons is that they are handy to pass out, inexpensive to make, and people will wear them. Buttons get your message out, identify your support staff, and encourage the public. Be it for the presidency or the local town mayor, every candidate and political movement should have a button-making machine.

Greg Allison is the marketing director for Button Biz. Button Biz is an
online distributor of button maker
machines and button supplies. Each button making system includes a button
maker, button parts,
and circle cutter. Make round or rectangle buttons and choose from eleven
different badge sizes.

Entertainment,Latest News, Breaking News, Bollywood Entertainment, Political Breaking news

Entertainment,Latest News, Breaking News, Bollywood Entertainment, Political Breaking news

Bharathbol.com is the largest portal that Gives you Latest News, and International News, Top News Headlines . Bharath Bol.com is India’s first Portal it have Communites, Blogs, Entertainment and Polls.

Are you an Indian living in the USA? Bharathbol.com it’s just the site you were in need of. Here you will find from the latest national to the international news, in English. At this portal you can explore the Blogs, Communities, Movies, POlls, entertainment with movie releases, bollywood gossip, , celebrity news, reviews, interviews, music and more. There is a really interesting section called Bharathbol Special. where people can Post News free online petition to raise their cause of concern and gather public support.
Bharathbol.com is the largest portal that Gives you Latest News, and International News, Top News Headlines . Bharath Bol.com is India’s first Portal it have Communites, Blogs, Entertainment and Polls.
Bharathbol.com is a Entertainment based website that provides free online Community services , Blogs, Polls, Latest News, and events. The site also offers a community-based forum to exchange views & ideas on subjects like computer, jobs, pets, politics and economics, sports, etc. Bharathbol is currently focusing on the Local news from different states in India.

Bharathbol.com (part of Uttam Technologies Pvt. Ltd) is an integrated Internet portal, delivering content, community and Blogs to Indian consumers. We pioneered the concept of providing engaging information to the Indian community. Bharathbol offers as it happens news with over 1,000 news articles going live every single day. Bharathbol offers compelling content in Entertainment that includes movies.

Bharathbol.com is a Entertainment based website that provides free online Community services , Blogs, Polls, Latest News, and events. The site also offers a community-based forum to exchange views & ideas on subjects like computer, jobs, pets, politics and economics, sports, etc. Bharathbol is currently focusing on the Local news from different states in India.

Hamid Mir with Nawaz Sharif on Special Episode of Capital Talk. Watch and find out what’s Nawaz Sharif’s take on the unstable situation in our beloved homeland
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Smart Strategies for Promoting Your Candidate with Political Signs

Smart Strategies for Promoting Your Candidate with Political Signs

Creating an effective political sign is an important factor for any political campaign. Having the correct size and color combinations and a minimal amount of wording are always important, but there are other strategies involved to make sure campaign signs are able to have an impact on voters.

Political Sign Timing

Probably the most frequently ask question we hear is, “How far out should I put my signs in the ground.” While the consulting community has debated this issue for years, most would conclude that you want your signs to be release when people have their minds on elections. For most elections this means signs should go up about 30-40 days prior to early voting. (For elections that do not have early voting 30-40 days from the actual election.) If signs are put out much sooner than this, people begin to get used to seeing them and they forget what they’re even about. Yard signs sent out much later than 20 days loose the effectiveness to become household names.

Placement of A Political Sign

Select high traffic areas, such as entrances to high activity shopping malls, store fronts located in popular areas, as well as busy intersections with stop lights. Placing campaign yard signs near schools can be a strategic location as the signs will be noticed by parents driving their kids to and from school. When it comes closer to voting day, signs placed near a polling location can be effective for voters who have not yet decided who will receive their vote.

Ask volunteers to call or go to the homes of supporters and ask them if they will allow a political sign in their yard, especially supporters living on busy streets. Volunteers can even knock on doors of residents who are not listed as supporters, particularly if they belong to the same political party as the candidate. This type of neighborhood canvassing also provides a good opportunity to drop off brochures or other political material.

Train volunteers in how to properly secure an election sign and how to place it strategically so that it can be easily seen by the greatest number of people. The angle in which the signs are placed can be an important factor at some locations. Volunteers and staff need to be fully aware of the regulations for sign placement to ensure that your signs remain in place throughout the entire campaign period and are not removed due to improper placement.

Amount Of Campaign Yard Signs

Order more signs than you plan to use since theft and vandalism can often be a problem. For efficiency, assign volunteers in advance to the task of replacing signs. Volunteers should frequently check to see if campaign yard signs have been removed.

The volunteers might receive the approval of more residents than expected and extra campaign yard signs will prevent candidates from missing out on these important opportunities. Some experts suggest campaign organizations order 25% more signs than they expect to use since reordering signs at the last minute can be costly.

Experts suggest ordering approximately one yard signs for every 30 registered voters.

By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to a successful promotion of your favorite candidate!

Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information on campaign signs and custom yard signs, visit http://www.CampaignPros.com.

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A Recipe for Political Changes

A Recipe for Political Changes

We all would like to see certain political changes. For some of us this might mean a return to fiscal responsibility. For others, a government that respects the rights of all humans may be the goal. But whatever our preferences, many of us feel like there is no hope with the existing choices of candidates we get each time around for president or for congress. The only solution that is commonly presented is to vote for the best of the choices offered. Of course this means voting for the “lesser of evils” for many of us. And whichever one that is, it still means we vote for a candidate we don’t want and for policies that go against what we believe. What is the alternative? Political Changes From Withholding Votes Don’t vote if you don’t like the choices. Contrary to what many say, there is no obligation to vote, especially when it means nothing more than giving your assent to a government you don’t want. And the argument that starts, “What if nobody voted…” is just silly. You and I know that there will always be millions of voters for every lesser-of-evils election. How does this help accomplish the political changes that you want? It doesn’t do much by itself, although a non-vote is at least a vote of no confidence for the existing system, and as such makes a statement. But along with a few other key actions, it sets up the conditions for real change: A changing political climate. You see, people will vote anyhow, and the candidate who is closest to the views of the populace will often win. Rather than cast one little vote for a non-choice, then, your time is perhaps better spent changing the minds of those who do vote. Change them enough and you may someday get a candidate that actually represents your interests and principles. Okay, changing the political climate sounds tough, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be, and none of has an obligation to spend our time and money convincing others of anything. But if you choose to do something, why not start with little steps. Buy the books of those authors who represent your convictions, and so encourage and enable them to write more. A few good books can go a long way towards changing people’s minds in time. Contribute to those causes that you believe in. Whether that is a communist party or a green party or the Libertarian party, it makes a difference. We know that for the moment there is no chance of a third party getting a candidate elected as president, but they do bring up issues that the Democrats and Republicans then feel obligated to address. When you vote for candidates with bad positions, you encourage those bad positions and policies. When you support good ideas, you at least help drag those bad candidates in a good direction. Here is the complete recipe for meaningful political changes: Speak your mind, support good ideas, consciously withhold support for “lesser” choices, and vote only when there is a candidate you truly want to see elected. If enough of us follow this plan we might have more candidates worth voting for someday.

Copyright Steve Gillman. For more Political Theories, and a free course on How To Have New Ideas, visit: http://www.999ideas.com/political-theories.html

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