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Politeness: 2 Characteristics In Business Trading Correspondence

Politeness: 2 Characteristics In Business Trading Correspondence

Business correspondence plays an essential role in commercial transaction since it serves as an important way of contact in various business activities. A business letter gracefully and politely written will probably polish the company’s image filled with integrity and hospitality, which will convince the counterpart to cooperate with you and concludes series of business transactions. On the contrary, a rude letter will bring about side effects and damage the company’s image.

Apart from compliance with the principle of completeness, clarity and concreteness, a perfect business letter entails appropriate tone and expressions and observes the politeness principle. Then what are the politeness principle and the characteristics of business trading correspondence?

1 To keep equal between the two parties.

In business trading correspondence, two parties’ negotiations should be based on equality and mutual interest. To be too modest for politeness will backfire and lead to the doubt on your ability from the partner. E.g. you could rest assured that we would make every effort to effect the shipment as soon as possible so as to meet your demand. It is obvious. It would be better to change into we assure that we shall do our best to expedite the shipment.

2 To choose easygoing words.

It’s said that, the more intimate, the less politeness in talking; while the less intimate, the more politeness. That’s why the politeness level among intimate social crowd is low and they speak more directly. Therefore, to properly lower the politeness level of language means intently improving the intimacy and amiability in speech to achieve the business objective.

It is studied that nowadays more and more customer’s especially western companies intend to be fond of oral expression in fax or e-mail to create a relaxing and easy-going atmosphere to make smooth communications. For example, “nothing your enquiry about shipping mark, I will get back to you as soon as the information is available.” The informal expression “get back to you” can be used to replace the formal “replay to your enquiry” such expression sounds more relaxing and close, but not impolite.

In a word, a polite business letter can expedite the conclusion of a business transaction. Just try to comply with politeness principle when you have to write a business correspondence.

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Why Do We Need Good Manners and Politeness?

Why Do We Need Good Manners and Politeness?

Parents attempt to teach their children at an early age about manners, though some people may have a common misunderstanding about manners. There are three things that make up the basis for manners; they are consideration, common sense and customs. Abel Stevens says that politeness is the art that consists in choosing from someone’s own real thoughts. Customs constitute a habit of doing definite things such as shaking hands or tipping hats. Consideration is the most significant concept behind all good manners. Very often a considerate person has good manners. Consideration has a very simple definition; it consists in thinking about the way the other people feel. Almost all good manners have a component of common sense. For example, if you are in the back of an overcrowded elevator it is neither wisely nor good manners to make an attempt to push your way through the crowd to the exit in order to get out first. These are the three main ideas of manners and politeness.

Manners can be used as synonym to politeness, though politeness is the most expectable dissimulation. It is often really so. Parents and teachers attempt to teach the children good manners and politeness, but are they, teaching good manners, taking their own advice? That is why we should strive to disprove the fact that politeness is often the most expectable hypocrisy. We can do that by finding out what a person will do if she or he is alone or in public.

Primarily, manners and politeness need to be an integral part of relations at home. People should respect the privacy of his or her family members, and be polite to them. It is also important to use good table manners. We can see that all these small acts that often seem insignificant, are a sign of good manners that help us to understand each other.

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Dealing With Employers – Reasons Politeness Is Very Important

Dealing With Employers – Reasons Politeness Is Very Important

ust be polite to them at all times. Read further to get more information related to the importance of being polite.

The importance of being polite can be best understood by putting yourself in others place. Assume you are hiring a manager for a retail store. If you meet two applicants, one who responds with respect and the other is a bit too casual for your liking, who will you hire? Obviously you would choose the one who is polite. It’s well known that employers choose the polite ones.

The main reason for companies to choose polite people for them is that their employees can make a difference by making or breaking their business, more so when direct contacts with the customer is necessary. To keep their setting, retailers need and want employees who are polite, welcoming and warm. Employees who have an attitude that does not please the customer can cause the customers to look for other firms. Hence, it is vital that while dealing with employers, you must be polite and your attitude must be pleasing. This goes for any type of industry or company you work or apply for.

Also, it is of much importance that you be polite to everyone whom you meet. One of the main mistakes made by job seekers is this. They have a feeling that they ought to please only their employers and none else. While your politeness and concentration should be on your interviews of employer, you also have to keep other things in mind. In the event that you drop an application, you must greet the employer in a very pleasant manner. Employers usually drop in a word or two about their employees to their superiors, more so of their unpleasant experiences they had while dropping off resumes.

If you get a call regarding the schedule for your interview, your employers, most probably, won’t be the ones calling you. Their secretaries or assistants usually handle these things. This does not mean that you can talk in whatever way you wish to. You must be polite and pleasing, unmindful of the person you are having a conversation with. Attending other calls or being cold towards the person who is talking to you on the phone will be the worst things you could ever do to yourself. Be polite and say “thank you” and other pleasing words. Your ignorance towards these basic things can cause troubles at a later date.

The scenarios mentioned above are some situations where job seekers need to be very cautious about their behavior and must be as polite as possible. Politeness comes in different forms. Even a “please” or a “thank you” will suffice for important ones who look for exactly these in their employees.

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