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A Spiritual Perspective on Politics

A Spiritual Perspective on Politics

The current financial and political situation has been coming for awhile. Our system of control of power and money benefits those who are already rich and powerful. The people in our country and other consumer based nations have been living their lives based on an illusion. Assuming their basic needs are more than being met, the people strive to make more and more money to purchase more and more things. When they have what they want, they are relatively content. The truth is, too much value has been placed on maintaining personal lifestyle and too little value has been placed on the greater good of everyone. What could we do to help improve the lives of others if all the money being spent on military endeavors and projects that make corporations richer went into feeding the hungry, treating the sick, and helping people make positive shifts in their lives? What if everyone decided to be content and grateful for their blessings and changed their consumerist ways? What if citizens in our communities started sharing with and helping each other? Yes we are individuals, but we are also interconnected energetically to all other energy. The current societal focus seems to be on separation, separation from each other and separation from our collective creation energy. Our society values individualism more than community as evidenced in the every person for themselves attitude. Where is the balance? From a spiritual perspective, the energy flows triangularly and is interconnected. Being in balance means balancing your personal energetic flow, self to Self, self to others and self to The Loving Universe.

This may be too simple an approach, but we are spiritual beings in physical form. It is time for more attention to move towards individual and collective spirituality. This is a major change. It means choosing love over fear. Too many people are living in fear, fear of the future, fear they will lose their financial security. Fear energy builds on itself. It is

One Person’s Perspective on Health and Politics

One Person’s Perspective on Health and Politics

Today, health and politics are almost synonymous.  Some would say that it’s about time!  It’s hard to turn on a television broadcast about politics and not hear headlines about healthcare. 

However, talk is cheap, as they say.  It’s easy to sit around and talk about health insurance, but everyone knows that something needs to be done about the system. 

When there are millions upon millions of people who do not have healthcare in The Land of the Free, something is desperately wrong with that picture.  Clearly, that is why universal healthcare (also called socialized medicine) is a core issue in politics news today. 

Why is universal healthcare so important?  Think about it:  our government has been taxing us for centuries and spending some of the money on things that are supposed to benefit and enrich our country, to keep it running smoothly.  Tax dollars are used for infrastructure (such as maintaining city roads and interstates), lawmaking and regulation, employment assistance, and so on. 

Our system of government here in the United States has allowed us to be free and have many liberties and luxuries not found in other countries; even in what we call “tough economic times” here, we are still considered prosperous in comparison to many, many areas of the world. 

However, that raises the question: if we have such a prosperous society here, and we do so much to provide for ourselves, then why can’t our system take care of the most basic and crucial need that a citizen can have:  their health?  Good question! 

Anyone who believes that we should not be providing universal healthcare (especially to those who cannot afford it, even those who work every day but are not offered insurance benefits at work) needs to think again.  It’s time for us to come together and recognize how ridiculous it is not to take care of the health and well-being of our own citizens on the most fundamental level. 

Universal healthcare is working in other countries.  Although it’s not perfect (nothing is), it’s better than our current system.  Hopefully we will elect a president who can address this concern!

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Viewing American Politics From The Perspective Of Martians

Viewing American Politics From The Perspective Of Martians

I’m being silly, but indulge me here as I veer off into the realm of fantasy. Not *that* kind of fantasy, but the world from a Martian’s perspective.

Say we’re explorers from Mars sent to Washington D.C., in human form, in the year 2007.

What would be our conclusions about American politics were we to come down fresh, understanding very little of the political system?

We would understand immediately that there are purported to be ‘two sides’ (the validity of which is up for debate), and the two sides are represented by colors and animals–red or blue, elephant or donkey.

There are also a few fringe sects, marginalized by the craziness of their philosophies, who angrily disagree with both the reds and the blues.

So these are the two realistic options. Third or fourth candidates are not allowed to compete, really. They have “no chance of winning” or there’s the fear that the third party will take votes away from “real” candidates.

So the red and the blue appear to really dislike each other, but they’re two sides of the same coin, always in line to keep out the fringe and so they have some common interests.

Then things start to get good. . .

They have an even bigger common enemy: the media. The media supposedly reports the activities of both sides so they make more money from advertisers.

’The Media’ claims to be unbiased, but it isn’t true. They are loyal to whomever is in power and whomever owns the media outlet.

What’s even more exciting for us explorers to discover is that there are even more enemies these two sides have.

Prostitutes. Most recently Louisiana Senator David Vitters who gives an awful lot of lip service to abstinence only sex ed, was identified by the DC madam and the Canal Street Madam as being a client.

Under aged boys. Uh oh. US Representative Mark Foley, crusader against child abuse and exploitation, became child abuser and exploiter when it came to light that he had a bit of a taste for Congressional pages.

Women. Specifically wanton women. There was this one time, the woman was wearing a blue dress. He liked cigars. . . . At least Bill Clinton had the sense to make sure the woman was over the age of consent.

Other noteworthy enemies include. . .

Closeted homosexuality. This has turned out to plague a number of people lately. There’s Larry Craig and the foot tapping incident (“misunderstanding”). And Democratic Governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey. At least he’s no longer in the closet.

Extramarital affairs. The list is too long. And really, is this even an issue people care about anymore?

Women who don’t want to be groped. (CA Gov. Terminator).

There are plenty of other enemies. Crack cocaine (Marion Barry), voter fraud, blah, blah, blah. Actually, voter fraud is only a problem for the big loser, not the fake winner.

Blue, red, elephant, donkey, they seem to want to make all the laws and then break them.

In our research as Martian anthropologists, we’d have to conclude that some form of perversion or criminal record is mandatory for political candidates.

We’d also have to conclude that the non-politicians, the ones who vote (or don’t vote), have such a short attention span that really, it doesn’t much matter. It’s football season and there’s a new season of “The Biggest Loser” and it’s back to school time and the kids need new backpacks. And before you know it, it’s the holidays again.

Jumping into this little fantasy world sometimes gives us a fresh perspective. It’s all about framing. Putting a new lens on life.

Try it with your life and your persuasion. See how it goes. Tell others about it, tell me about it on this blog. Create a discussion, invite your friends and colleagues to join the discussion here. Lord knows we need to step back from the craziness every once in a while and talk to each other intelligently about what we observe.

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