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My Black News Leads In Disseminating African American Issues

My Black News Leads In Disseminating African American Issues

African American issues had been grabbing the headlines in recent years and My Black News [MyBlackNews] had been leading the dissemination and subsequent discussions and debates on said issues. My Black News searches the internet for African American issues that may not be easily available to the reader. The visitor of My Black News website will find discussions about African American issues in the areas of government and politics, community service, entertainment and global events. In addition to African American issues, My Black News provides some of the internet’s most interesting off beat stories, tech news, and entertainment.

My Black News has a wide range of news categories that makes it a well rounded publication and a leading Black Online magazine for the dissemination, discussion and debate of African American issues. These categories include: Latest News, Videos, Black Community, Business News, Education, Entertainment, Government and Politics, Health & Fitness, History, Opinions and Blogs, People, Religion, Sports and World News.

The August 30, 2010 online edition of My Black News is an excellent example of the important role of this publication in disseminating African American issues. An article picked up from the Guardian of UK discusses the lives of New Orleans residents as the city slowly gets back to its feet five years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the many controversial issues that it spawned in its wake. Sure to ignite discussion as well was the article taken from The Huffington Post on Glenn Beck and the Conservative Movement in the United States. An opinion piece taken from allAfrica.com on Redefining Convention People’s Party [CPP] as a Calling Prophecy and Promise! shows the engagement of My Black News with the global black community. The author, Kabu Okai Davies asks rhetorically if African Americans can fulfill the promise of Martin Luther King why haven’t Ghanaians fulfilled the promise of Nkrumah? He exhorts his readers that this is the moment to Conceive, Prepare and Plan for Change, Possibility and Power.

My Black News is highly valued in the African American community for as it disseminates African American issues relevant to the community that are not featured in mainstream publications. My Black News helps inform and build solidarity in the African American community which will explain why it has gained the reputation as a leading Black Online magazine in propgating African American issues.

An interesting feature of My Black News that contributes to it becoming a leading Black Online magazine is it allows subscribers to post their own news articles, free of charge. The only requirement of My Black News is that the subscriber/contributor obeys all copyright rules and law and gives prior credit to the original authors and publishers and that the article is free from excess swearing and pornographic material. There are also free online games that should entertain and give a break to the online reader.

The reader can follow My Black News’ Twitter Page and at Facebook at: My Black News’ Facebook. For more information visit Myblacknews.

My Black News is a unique Black Online Magazine that presents all the daily news covering various topics ranging from Business, Health & Fitness, Sports, Religion and more.

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The Power of an Online News Portal!

The Power of an Online News Portal!

The Power of an Online News Portal!

Now days the online news websites play a vital role in educating and informing people about all the latest happenings around the world. Generally speaking, the role of an online news website is really very important in today’s fast life where no one has enough time to sit in front of Television to know what’s going around him.

An online news portal solves several purposes:

1. News websites give the information to the public – political, social, sports, entertainment etc.
2. Instant and latest news from all over the globe.
3. Easier accessibility.
4. Latest news as per the interest.
5. Live coverage of Cricket matches and other sports etc.
6. A reader can easily give his/her comments on any issue.
7. Minute-to-minute coverage of any breaking news.
8. Exclusive videos of breaking news.
9. Exclusive pictures of specials news events.

Online media is a powerful source in any society because it provides latest news on various issues as one package. With a news portal you can get news on various topics like politics, world, business, sports, entertainment, finance, etc at a time. Being an instant source of communication a news portal provides easy access from all across the globe on just a mouse click.

People rely on the online media as the major channel of information because there are lot of trusted news websites present in WWW. Some of the premier world news portals are news.bbc.co.uk, cnn.com, foxnews.com, and reuters.com are continuously serving people with the high quality of news since they are online. And so many other country specific news websites are also serving people with the all latest news and headlines from that particular country. Some of the premium Indian news portals are zeenews.com, ndtv.com and ibnlive.com delivers exclusive India news and update and news from all across the world.

Any news / article or a piece of information over a news website has a deep influence on the whole society. It’s an easily accessible source of information that also provides you the option to express your view on any news. Some of news websites provide videos and pictures of any breaking news that happens around us.

The most important and nice part of an online news portal contains all past news and stories in it’s archive section so that you can anytime get any news / story of past by searching it.

An online news portal keeps you updated on various worldwide issues at your fingertips!

I love article writing for http://www.zeenews.com
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Modern Warfare In The News

Modern Warfare In The News

The is a general lack of coverage of wars today. Some may claim it is because the same people who profit from the wars (construction companies, other contractors), control or influence the companies that own the media. Whether this is true, or not I do not know, though it is certainly possible.
What is obvious is certain news organizations have biases towards certain political parties. For example Fox news is was more biased towards the Republican candidate in the 2008 election. Perhaps, they are biased towards whomever is in power. MSNBC was more biased to the Democratic Candidate, Barak Oboma. not only do they support certain parties, but they make fun of each other for supporting a particular party.
Because today’s news organizations are biased in politics, they would obviously be biased in reports of war as well. Political success often depends on military success. News organizations are also biased towards nationalities, in order to gain international support for their own country, as opposed to the enemy’s. The only way to get unbiased knowledge of a war or conflict is a complete Military and War Information Source. By seeing everyone’s opinions and brodcasts, you can decide for youself what is going on in a conflict.
Besides the media, direct footage from the troops is also a good source of information. Troop footage of war can provide a direct and unfiltered look at a war or military conflict. The troops use their own personal cameras to film what they see, and directly upload it to the Internet, so there is no large corporate filter.
Though it can be difficult to find a trustworthy source of information when it comes to military issues, a thorough search of online military resources can yield the information you seek. Check sources on both sides of the conflict, as well as independent sources, and your should be able to draw a reasonable and unbiased conclusion.

A researcher in many fields, Joe likes to stay on top of today’s news and media, including military and war issues.

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Poker News – Your Guide to Being on the Cover!

Poker News – Your Guide to Being on the Cover!

What better way is there to get the best tactics, poker strategies and tips than by studying the poker stars. In the world of poker, big names have come out as the ultimate reigning poker players. Many new poker players, new and veterans as well, are always on the look out for poker news. The simple for this is simple: poker news is great sources of lessons, historical poker moves, and of course, inspiration! And we are talking about inspiration for the big money. Since all poker players have in some way or the other thought about the winning the money at stake, then learning how to get it is essential. Many of the great poker players of today have learned from experienced poker players worldwide. Yes, some of them have started in the online poker rooms, moving through the real poker competitions. Now, let us all take a look at the latest poker news from the exciting competitions to updates to the simply interesting.

Competition: Partouche Poker Tour Cannes Main Event

The third day of the Partouche Poker Tour Cannes Main Event started off with eliminations during the first hour and the final table of eight was finally set. Gus Hansen got eliminated and joined the day 3 bustouts Scotty Nguyen, Robert and Michael Mizrachi and Noah Schwartz . Arnaud Corvisier picked up ,693 for his 48th-place finish and those who followed in the payouts were Romain Constantini, Stephane Fanego and Scotty Nguyen. Arnaud Mattern finished with ,693.

Finally, Day 3 of the Tour ended after 15 long hours of play and the final eight chips were distributed with Stephane Bazin – 2,387,000 , Alain Roy – 2,225,000 , Philippe Narboni – 1,456,000, Brice Cournut – 1,102,000, Jean Philippe Rohr – 750,000, Claudio Rinaldi – 749,000, Anthonin Teisseire – 541,000, and Michel Abecassis – 375,000.

This big stakes poker game will definitely be on many poker players’ top poker news watch list to see who will be crowned the first Partouche Poker Tour Grand Champion.

Poker Politics

Hanging on to the latest swing politics in USA, http://duplicatepoker.com recently held a survey among 1,639 American poker players to ask them about the election fever of Obama versus McCain in the coming US Presidential Elections. Guess who came out winner? Obama ranked over McCain with 1,043 votes (596 for McCain). It is quite interesting to know that American poker players are also active participants in the country’s politics. They also believe that Obama brings on a promising future for US online poker. Let’s deal!

The Kings of Poker

Statistics relating to poker changes continually. More poker players are entering high stakes games and tournaments, challenging veteran poker players all over the world. Yet, there are the big kings of poker who have managed to remain on top either by luck, skill, and experience. The five most famous and top poker players who have made waves in poker news around the world are the American Jaime Gold (,041,228) his record as World Series of Poker Main Event Champions, Joseph Hachem (,269,186) who won the .5 million grand prize in 2005, the young Jerry Yang (,250,000), Allen Cunningham (,469,380) of California who uses his analytic approach, and Paul Wasicka (,371,901) who came in second in the 2006 World Series of Poker but won M.

Tired of always depositing? Learn how you can become a pro online poker player and never have to deposit again! Proven techniques to destroy your opponents in both Sit-N-Go’s and Cash Games. Go to www.PokerOnlineSchool.com to get your free e-course on all the latest poker news while it’s still free!

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Finally, a High School News Website

Finally, a High School News Website

Stats from late last year show that fifty one percent of high school students read the news on the internet at least once weekly.

Another thirty six percent would read the news if it was delivered in the right way. Contrary to what many belive, there are tons of high school students who actually enjoy reading the news.

And until recently there was no news site for high school students.

The High schooler is a website that posts news articles that high school students actually enjoy reading about. The website was created for high school students and it posts news articles in student life, entertainment, high school sports, and much more.

The High Schooler has become increasingly popular amongst high school students.

Before The High Schooler was created there was only one high school news source (Channel One) which is a television show that airs in several high schools and middle schools around the country.

Although they also have a website, their website consists mainly of quizzes and not very much news. Another issue that many students have with Channel One is that it isn’t delivered in a manner that high school and middle school students can relate to.

Channel One talks about lots of war and politics. This isn’t a bad thing and i’m sure lots of high school students like to know what’s going on in the world. However, High School students can tune in to CNN if all they wanted was war and politics. And as the Statistics say, thirty six percent of these students would read the news if presented in the right way. This is the problem channel one has. Middle school students are probably bored to death with their news because every one in my high school surely was.

Where The High Schooler differs is that the site posts entertaining but also informative and educational articles that high school students can actually relate to and enjoy. For instance our staff of columnists may post an article on The number one high school player in the country but we also post things like ACT tips, and health news. Although we do post articles on politics we keep it down to a minimum because as i said before, high school students can easily tune in to CNN. They need their own news.

We have recieved lots of emails from high school students around the country saying how great the site is and how much they needed a site like this. We don’t charge a penny and we feel that it’s something high school students need.

Although there are numerous individual high school news websites, there are barely and national high school websites that aren’t targeting individual schools. The ones that are national i feel are personally don’t relate well to their target readers.

Many of the high school news websites seem to be written from an adult perspective. This makes it very difficult for the columnists to relate to the readers.

Our columnists are a team of five, three of which are high school students and two college students. This makes way more sense that a 50 year old trying to channel his inner teen and write columns for high school students.

Ibirogba is a columnist/Editor of high school news. To contact Paul please visit http://www.thehighschooler.com and click contact.

Entertainment,Latest News, Breaking News, Bollywood Entertainment, Political Breaking news

Entertainment,Latest News, Breaking News, Bollywood Entertainment, Political Breaking news

Bharathbol.com is the largest portal that Gives you Latest News, and International News, Top News Headlines . Bharath Bol.com is India’s first Portal it have Communites, Blogs, Entertainment and Polls.

Are you an Indian living in the USA? Bharathbol.com it’s just the site you were in need of. Here you will find from the latest national to the international news, in English. At this portal you can explore the Blogs, Communities, Movies, POlls, entertainment with movie releases, bollywood gossip, , celebrity news, reviews, interviews, music and more. There is a really interesting section called Bharathbol Special. where people can Post News free online petition to raise their cause of concern and gather public support.
Bharathbol.com is the largest portal that Gives you Latest News, and International News, Top News Headlines . Bharath Bol.com is India’s first Portal it have Communites, Blogs, Entertainment and Polls.
Bharathbol.com is a Entertainment based website that provides free online Community services , Blogs, Polls, Latest News, and events. The site also offers a community-based forum to exchange views & ideas on subjects like computer, jobs, pets, politics and economics, sports, etc. Bharathbol is currently focusing on the Local news from different states in India.

Bharathbol.com (part of Uttam Technologies Pvt. Ltd) is an integrated Internet portal, delivering content, community and Blogs to Indian consumers. We pioneered the concept of providing engaging information to the Indian community. Bharathbol offers as it happens news with over 1,000 news articles going live every single day. Bharathbol offers compelling content in Entertainment that includes movies.

Bharathbol.com is a Entertainment based website that provides free online Community services , Blogs, Polls, Latest News, and events. The site also offers a community-based forum to exchange views & ideas on subjects like computer, jobs, pets, politics and economics, sports, etc. Bharathbol is currently focusing on the Local news from different states in India.

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