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Current Political Trends – The Changing Tide Of National Party Politics And The Return Of Second Chances

Current Political Trends – The Changing Tide Of National Party Politics And The Return Of Second Chances

Now that we let President Barak Obama have a full years go at it we’re now at a point where this is now supposed to be an election year that’s supposed to bring a political sea of change.  There are quite a few veteran ex-lawmakers dusting off their campaign signs and running to get their old jobs back.  The question, why?

Some of the news articles have the following to offer:

“Former Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich this week became the latest ousted official to throw his hat back in the ring. The Republican — whose single term was marked by bitter clashes with the Maryland press and Democratic legislature — is expected next week to launch what will surely be a nasty rematch against Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley, who beat him in 2006.

Ehrlich will become at least the fifth ex-governor to try for a sequel this year — along with former Republican Gov. Terry Branstad of Iowa and former Democratic Govs. Jerry Brown of California, Roy Barnes of Georgia and John Kitzhaber of Oregon. Former Republican Sen. Dan Coats is bidding for his former seat in Indiana. And former Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee is running as an independent for governor in Rhode Island. “

Due to the lackluster and rather stymied results the American public has received, plus the divisions across the nation that the Health Care Reform Act has caused the Democrats appear to be facing a tougher battle to reclaim their seats.  Not withstanding, we have a new party growing:  The Tea Party Movement.  So now for Republican ex-officials, the motivation seems clear:

They now have a fair set of wind and tide running in directions that could very well be in their favor.  They may actually win a round here.

“Republican candidates for two cycles had to run with the wind at their face, and now they finally get to run with the wind at their back,” said David Avella, director of the Republican recruiting arm GOPAC.

Jeremy Mayer, public policy professor at George Mason University, said candidates like Ehrlich are great for their party, and their odds, because they come with a built-in fundraising base. He said the national mood is a boost.

Across the nation, polls have shown Republican minority candidates in pre-election polls, running ahead just shy of 20 points or so.

A lot of the veteran Republicans are stating that they decided to step back in because they got fed up watching President Obama and congressional Democrats “push their far-left liberal agenda” on the country and to no reasonable effect thus far.  The economy has gotten worse and jobless rates remain altogether too high not mention many other items on the Presidents to-do list that affect the very core of our daily lives.

“In Iowa, Branstad is giving Democratic Gov. Chet Culver, who is suffering from low approval ratings, a run as well. Recent polls have Branstad up by 16 points. And in Rhode Island, Chafee is leading both Democratic and Republican candidates for an open seat. “  As reported by one major news network.

In another preview of the race to come, the Maryland Democratic Party has already posted an ad on its Web site slamming one Republican for going into the law and lobbying trade after leaving office.

Some of the returning candidates had issues of a political and public relations nature that caused them an ouster out of their political office. However, some left voluntarily, with high approval ratings, after four terms. And they’ve been keeping plenty busy. They have the skills, talents and years of experience that the last tide didn’t justify, in my mind, their ouster as had happened in my state.  Altogether too much of mob-mentality may have gone into the unintended firing of some fine leadership.

It may be a hard go for newcomers to enter the political game — what with the fundraising disadvantage and the invasive media treatment afforded to any un-vetted novice — but the old pros, even if they’ve had their time in the spotlight, seem to live for the battle and the spotlight as well.

“F. Scott Fitzgerald said there are no second acts in American lives. But in truth there are second and sometimes third acts. Just look at Richard Nixon,” he said. “It’s what brings boxers and tennis players out of retirement. They want to be in the arena again. They want to hear the crowd and maybe achieve something they didn’t achieve last time.”

So I hope that with some more adjustments to our leadership, and this case starting at the state level, we can begin to turn the tides around that are affecting the great ship The United States of America.  “Of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One Nation, under God, with Liberty and justice for all.”

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The Bald Eagle, National Symbol of the United States of America

The Bald Eagle, National Symbol of the United States of America

For many years I taught my fifth grade students about the symbols of the United States of America. Over the years I have grown to love our national symbol, the American Bald Eagle. Many students are shocked to learn that our national symbol is not the flag, but the Bald Eagle.

In 1782 it was chose as the National Bird and then as our national emblem in 1787. You can find it on the Great Seal of the United States with its wings spread wide and a shield for his breast. The shield has 13 red and white stripes. In its right talon it holds an olive branch and, if you care to count, you will find that the olive branch has 13 leaves and 13 berries. This olive branch represents the United States desire for peace. In the Bald Eagles left talon is a bundle of 13 arrows that represent our willingness to fight for our freedom, if necessary. Finally in its beak is a scroll with the motto “E Pluribus Unum” which means ‘one out of many’.

The Bald Eagle also appears on the Presidential Seal, most coins, paper money and many stamps.

There are many types of eagles all over the world, but the American Bald Eagle only lives on the North American Continent. That is one reason that the Golden Eagle was not chosen because it lives in Europe, also.

It has been reported that at one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War the noise of the battle awoke sleeping eagles who flew from their nests circling the men fighting below. Their shrill cries blended with the cries of the fighting men. Some of them said they are “shrieking for freedom”.

When born the Bald Eagle is born it is gray and not the graceful bird of flight that you see five years later after it has developed it’s white tail feathers and head feathers.

The Bald Eagle is at the top of the food chain living in the tops of lofty mountains and near coasts and lakes where fish abound. They represent boundless freedom as they soar through the blue skies.

When you first see this bird he is really impressive. It has a 2 ½ – 3 foot body and can spread its sings 6-8 feet. When it spreads those wings and takes flight you catch your breath because they are so beautiful. To see their nests (aerie) in trees you would look for a tree that is usually over seventy five feet tall. The nests themselves are about five feet in diameter and just as deep.

There are many interesting facts about the Bald Eagle, such as its diving speed which can reach 100mph as it goes for a fish. At one time they were being killed in record numbers for their beautiful feathers. The government intervened and put them on the endangered list.

The term ‘eagle eyes’ refers to their ability to see 1 ½ miles away. We need to keep an eagle eye on our freedoms that are represented by this noble bird, The American Bald Eagle, so that we don’t loose them.

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Tertara National Indonesia: a Vehicle for Political Stability or Political Decay

Tertara National Indonesia: a Vehicle for Political Stability or Political Decay

The theories or concepts formulated by Samuel Huntington and Takashi Shiraishi would provide the framework for this study. The military is the coercive arm of the state for defense and internal security. Without the military, the state can hardly survive. Politics dictates that the military, as the instrument of the state, should be subordinate to the government. However, the arm sometimes commands the head, and this has been the case in Indonesia.

According to Huntington, the military that becomes the master of state is commonly called praetorian, and different from that which remains under civilian control. Praetorianism is characterized by the armed forces being politicized just as politics being militarized. “The officer corps is shot through with factionalism. Lawmakers and administrators fall into disarray. Politicians seek power not by rallying popular support but by cultivating party connections. The populace at length withdraws into a sudden apathy, an utter cynicism towards the political process.” The country turns into a praetorian state. Takashi’s point of reference is the concept of professionalism first formulated by Huntington. According to Huntington, modern military officers are supposed to be professional managers of force and violence.

Huntington’s thesis in formulating the concept of professionalism is that maximization of military professionalism neutralizes the military politically and thus minimizes the propensity of the military to intervene directly in politics. For Takashi, the military becomes praetorian because it is not professional. He argued that the fallacy in Huntington’s thesis lies in the formulation of the concept of military professionalism. Huntington assumes that (Expertise, Social responsibility and Corporateness) go together. Thus, the military that is irresponsible is by definition not professional even if the level of expertise achieved by the officers is sufficiently high. As a result, Huntington’s proposition that maximization of military professionalism minimizes the propensity of the military to intervene directly in politics turns out to be the normative proposition that the military should remain politically neutral and not intervene in politics in order to maintain its professionalism. But Takashi is not saying that the concept of professionalism itself is useless. In fact, three dimensions of military professionalism provide a clue to understanding politics in the military and military politics.

The legitimacy of civilian political institutions leads to the external factors that condition the political roles of the military. These are the level of legitimacy that civilian political institutions enjoy and the level of mobilization of social forces in the political process. “If the level of civilian political institutions is high relative to the mobilization of social forces, the situation is civic in Huntington’s terminology, and the political order is legitimate and stable. Here, the military is less likely to intervene directly in politics unless outsiders infringe on its corporate affairs. But if the level of legitimacy of civilian political institutions is low while the level of mobilization of social forces is high, the political order is essentially unstable, and the situation is praetorian”. In this case the military is forced to decide for their client.

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United States National Gov. Grants

United States National Gov. Grants

Nowadays, citizens are finding them selves in need of additional finances for one reason or another. Some for the simple lack of employment, money for school, starting a business, opening a non profit company or just trying to repair the roof over there heads. Fortunately one of the advantages of American citizenship is having the ability to apply for United states grant money assistance.

These funds are available and are given for various reasons to people who qualify. Meeting the qualifications to the letter is the key to receiving the cash. Those that are denied more than likely didn’t do any investigation, didn’t ask for expert assistance or they merely failed to fill out the paper work correctly.

Fortunately, there are several grant writing services out there that can help improve your likelihood in getting approved for the free cash! All you have to do is begin to search for the information and you will be on your way to finding all you’ll need know. Remember government agencies are not the only supply of grant monies. You’ll find public and privet companies that provide grants to individuals as well. Make sure you look for those too.

If you do not feel comfortable trying to get a grant by yourself, hire someone to complete it for you. Expert grant writers will in some cases merely charge a tiny one time charge and guarantee to revise and resubmit your grant application until it is approved. This will take some of the pressure off and provide you with the luxury to target other business.

Due to the web, access to extensive amounts of data on United states government grants is easy to find. If you’re a self doer then I would suggest researching some grant writing software. The prices for this type of information is vary low. The software will offer you step-by-step instruction from the applying process to the easiest way for you to get an approval of funds.

If you are denied, do not despair. You are allowed to reapply again and again if need be. Correct your errors and try again. The most important effort you can make in applying for a grant is to keep trying, giving up means NO MONEY.

Your personality should stand out. Make an effort to be as personable as possible in your application. This job of grant writing, applying and getting approved isn’t all cut and dry. There are real people considering your request, they will most probably see your request like all of the others. Still if your personal explanations for grant approval stand out, you will have a greater opportunity at receiving that big check. So be honest sincere and to the point. It’s one thing to have a solid story and another to shovel a load of bull. I’m a sales man of eight years experience. The most important tickets I’ve ever sold where made with a solid truthful and sincere story. The buyers did not only thank me. Several of them have become my friends.

When you are approved depending on the type of grant you received will determine if you can reapply for the next year or term of availability. I worked for a non profit performing arts association that received a 00.00 cash grant year after year. We utilize it for equipment purchases, upkeep and equipment. If I remember accurately, we had to clarify in our grant application just how much we needed, why we wanted it and the time-frame we planed to use it in. It is vary important that you’re specific with your plans for the cash you need. The very last thing any organization, government, privet or public will want to do is give money out to those who will squander it.

The best time to start is NOW! If you wait you’ll miss it. After you get the hang of this you’ll know which grants you qualify for and the one you don’t. Apply for as many as you can and repeat it. Your odds for approval increase the you submit so keep at it.

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