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Why Do We Need Good Manners and Politeness?

Why Do We Need Good Manners and Politeness?

Parents attempt to teach their children at an early age about manners, though some people may have a common misunderstanding about manners. There are three things that make up the basis for manners; they are consideration, common sense and customs. Abel Stevens says that politeness is the art that consists in choosing from someone’s own real thoughts. Customs constitute a habit of doing definite things such as shaking hands or tipping hats. Consideration is the most significant concept behind all good manners. Very often a considerate person has good manners. Consideration has a very simple definition; it consists in thinking about the way the other people feel. Almost all good manners have a component of common sense. For example, if you are in the back of an overcrowded elevator it is neither wisely nor good manners to make an attempt to push your way through the crowd to the exit in order to get out first. These are the three main ideas of manners and politeness.

Manners can be used as synonym to politeness, though politeness is the most expectable dissimulation. It is often really so. Parents and teachers attempt to teach the children good manners and politeness, but are they, teaching good manners, taking their own advice? That is why we should strive to disprove the fact that politeness is often the most expectable hypocrisy. We can do that by finding out what a person will do if she or he is alone or in public.

Primarily, manners and politeness need to be an integral part of relations at home. People should respect the privacy of his or her family members, and be polite to them. It is also important to use good table manners. We can see that all these small acts that often seem insignificant, are a sign of good manners that help us to understand each other.

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