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Sound Currency, the Federal Reserve and a Libertarian’s Call to Action

Sound Currency, the Federal Reserve and a Libertarian’s Call to Action

The Libertarian Party, to which I must confess that I am a member, has never really taken on the constitution/composition of either the Republican or Democrat parties. In reality, the Libertarian Party is more an amalgam or synthesis of the two. It’s in that sense that many disaffected Republicans and Democrats seem to be filing into the Libertarian ranks over these past few years. Whereas the other parties force more conformity and singleness of message, Libertarians, in our laissez-faire stance to most things, allow broad opinions and vast beliefs even to the detriment of message.

Libertarians, for the most part, just want to be left the hell alone. However, among our ranks are environmentalists (which depending upon degree of ‘orthodoxy’ can remind me of rabid Statists), anarchists or rather anarcho-capitalists, Liberals/Democrats and Republicans with firm beliefs of social/civil rights, e.g. gay marriage, anti-war subset, and lastly there is the Ron Paul subset with a firm belief in the Constitution and rooted in Austrian Economics. This is by no means a complete list of all people who define themselves as ‘libertarian,’ but it does help to illuminate a general discordance within the party.

Considering the problems that our country is facing, and the dire consequences of inaction, I find it necessary for the Libertarian Party to find an issue which impacts everyone; in fact, it is a necessary prerequisite for our country to move out of the doldrums of an economic Depression and that is sound money. As a fan of Austrian Economics myself, we, as a party and individually, have not fought back hard enough in demanding that our government adhere to the Constitution and end this sham of a fiat/Federal Reserve inspired money system. Ron Paul, at least in Congress, has been the unsung hero of sound money since the late 1970s. Many considered him a quack who knew not about the complexities of the vast US economic system. In point of fact, it was the

Neo Cons, Libertarians, and Liberals – Will They Ever Get Along?

Neo Cons, Libertarians, and Liberals – Will They Ever Get Along?

We all live in the United States, some 330 Million of us, and it is amazing how many things we agree on and how many things we do not. For instance we all agree on freedom and liberty, although often define it slightly differently and we all seem to disagree on politics often enough. Indeed, we all have business associates, friends, neighbors, or co-workers which disagree with us on political points of contention. Not long ago, an acquaintance of mine made a very interesting comment;

“Most of my Republican friends couldn’t and still don’t know what ‘Neoconservative’ signifies or how it differs from a true ‘conservative’ stance.”

Okay, so what would you say to someone who told you that your entire view rests on the definition of slanderous labels applied by the left, which the media picked up on and it appeared to have stuck. I am personally for small government, freedom, liberty, low taxes, privacy, the right to own a gun and therefore one could say I’m a libertarian and probably more of a “liberal” in the strict definition of the word used first by our founding fathers, and is found in the Oxford dictionary.

Today, the word “liberal” is used as a slanderous term by the right against the left. Still, such remarks have no basis because that’s not what the word liberal means. And most of the Democrats today are socialists, or are going along with a socialist agenda, and so they are about as far from the founding fathers ideals as a “liberal” could possibly be possible.

Likewise, the word “Neo-con” applied to conservatives is complete nonsense, although that’s how it is used by the left as hate speech against the right. Ronald Reagan Republicans do not consider themselves NeoCons, and yet, the term is used as a blanket statement against them.

It’s hard to say if all these different political views can ever get along, as each side is busy labeling the other, and picking political enemies to strengthen their own side; kind of silly