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Jake Shannon: Libertarian Congressional Hypnotist

Jake Shannon: Libertarian Congressional Hypnotist

Utahns are paying very careful attentions to the race for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District may have noticed that the candidates include Republican incumbent Rep. Democratic challenger Karen Hyer, Jason Chaffetz and a third person who was not present at the debates: a man who goes by the name Professor XS, who is also known as ‘the world’s most dangerous hypnotist.’

Off of Utah’s stages, Professor XS is commonly known as Jake Shannon among the masses, the vice chairperson of the state’s Libertarian Party. Like many of Utah’s Libertarians, Jake hopes that his colorful image will help him and his party gets more gratitude among the state’s voters.

Jake Shannon said that the libertarians tend to be very logical thinkers and that is why there are a lot of computer programmers, nerds and attorneys in the party.  He also added that apart from that the problem is that those are the same guys that used to go play Dungeons & Dragons and don’t have any social ability whatsoever. He thinks it is important to put a face on the party that is responsible but approachable and real, a face that someone might want to have a beer or a coffee with.

Jake additionally added that he learned to appreciate the party’s stance on limited government, lower taxes and social liberalism as an employee of Laissez Faire Books, which is San Francisco’s biggest Libertarian direct mail book source before Amazon killed everybody.

Jake Shannon is a Libertarian Hypnotist, Financial Engineer & Grappler. Jake Shannon began practicing hypnosis back in 1989 as a teenage cancer patient when his oncologist introduced him to hypnotism in an effort to help mitigate the pain associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatment. In the twenty years since, Jake Shannon has refined his brand of hypnotism and critical thinking into a powerful proprietary system for improving human performance. He