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Finally, a High School News Website

Finally, a High School News Website

Stats from late last year show that fifty one percent of high school students read the news on the internet at least once weekly.

Another thirty six percent would read the news if it was delivered in the right way. Contrary to what many belive, there are tons of high school students who actually enjoy reading the news.

And until recently there was no news site for high school students.

The High schooler is a website that posts news articles that high school students actually enjoy reading about. The website was created for high school students and it posts news articles in student life, entertainment, high school sports, and much more.

The High Schooler has become increasingly popular amongst high school students.

Before The High Schooler was created there was only one high school news source (Channel One) which is a television show that airs in several high schools and middle schools around the country.

Although they also have a website, their website consists mainly of quizzes and not very much news. Another issue that many students have with Channel One is that it isn’t delivered in a manner that high school and middle school students can relate to.

Channel One talks about lots of war and politics. This isn’t a bad thing and i’m sure lots of high school students like to know what’s going on in the world. However, High School students can tune in to CNN if all they wanted was war and politics. And as the Statistics say, thirty six percent of these students would read the news if presented in the right way. This is the problem channel one has. Middle school students are probably bored to death with their news because every one in my high school surely was.

Where The High Schooler differs is that the site posts entertaining but also informative and educational articles that high school students can actually relate to and enjoy. For instance our staff of columnists may post an article on The number one high school player in the country but we also post things like ACT tips, and health news. Although we do post articles on politics we keep it down to a minimum because as i said before, high school students can easily tune in to CNN. They need their own news.

We have recieved lots of emails from high school students around the country saying how great the site is and how much they needed a site like this. We don’t charge a penny and we feel that it’s something high school students need.

Although there are numerous individual high school news websites, there are barely and national high school websites that aren’t targeting individual schools. The ones that are national i feel are personally don’t relate well to their target readers.

Many of the high school news websites seem to be written from an adult perspective. This makes it very difficult for the columnists to relate to the readers.

Our columnists are a team of five, three of which are high school students and two college students. This makes way more sense that a 50 year old trying to channel his inner teen and write columns for high school students.

Ibirogba is a columnist/Editor of high school news. To contact Paul please visit http://www.thehighschooler.com and click contact.

Finally Arriving – the United States Passport Card

Finally Arriving – the United States Passport Card

If you need to make frequent land crossings between the U.S. and Canada or Mexico, the U.S. Passport Card could work for you. It really is a great idea. And as is typical with so many things proposed by the U.S. Federal government, it is being implemented late.

Efforts have increased since 911 to make U.S. borders more secure. These very same efforts have made it difficult for Mexicans and Canadians, who often have legitimate requirements for frequent visits to the U.S., to make quick and smooth transitions through border control.

Because of how easy it is to obtain fraudulent drivers’ licenses, a new policy was developed out of a desire to reduce reliance on the licenses for entry into this. The first phase of the new rule went into effect Dec 31, 2005, which required all U.S. citizens, traveling by air or sea, to or from the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America, to have passports.

The result of this ruling caused, literally, a months’ long backlog to obtain a U.S. passport. The Department of State was totally unprepared for the volume of applications. Even when it became apparent that the State Department was woefully understaffed, it still took an inordinate amount of time to hire and train additional staff to shorten the wait time from an unacceptable 4-6 months.

The next phase, which would apply these documentation rules to all air and sea travel to or from Mexico and Canada, began a year later. And the last phase, which affects the most people, took effect on Dec. 31, 2007, applying the requirement to all air, sea and land border crossings with Mexico and Canada.

Many border communities requested an alternative to a traditional passport. In response, the Department of State announced a proposal for developing a card-format passport for travel between the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. It would be a limited use wallet-sized card that would cost significantly less than a traditional passport. The media note for this card was released October 17, 2006.

Now, fast forward (if such a term is at all possible when referring to the United States government) and applications are finally, now, being taken for this card. Production is projected to start next month. That is June 2008 for a policy that was implemented LAST December. If a passport card will work for you, better get in line fast.

The author and her husband have just finished visiting 6 continents. The 7th, Asia, is on the schedule. You’ll find more tips, suggestions and resources at Safe Travel Information.

Is the United States government or outside forces the real threat to cyber security? Alex Jones says that the government is trying to silence free speech in America by expanding their reach on the internet. He also says his own personal sites have been censored, even deleted.