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Sound Currency, the Federal Reserve and a Libertarian’s Call to Action

Sound Currency, the Federal Reserve and a Libertarian’s Call to Action

The Libertarian Party, to which I must confess that I am a member, has never really taken on the constitution/composition of either the Republican or Democrat parties. In reality, the Libertarian Party is more an amalgam or synthesis of the two. It’s in that sense that many disaffected Republicans and Democrats seem to be filing into the Libertarian ranks over these past few years. Whereas the other parties force more conformity and singleness of message, Libertarians, in our laissez-faire stance to most things, allow broad opinions and vast beliefs even to the detriment of message.

Libertarians, for the most part, just want to be left the hell alone. However, among our ranks are environmentalists (which depending upon degree of ‘orthodoxy’ can remind me of rabid Statists), anarchists or rather anarcho-capitalists, Liberals/Democrats and Republicans with firm beliefs of social/civil rights, e.g. gay marriage, anti-war subset, and lastly there is the Ron Paul subset with a firm belief in the Constitution and rooted in Austrian Economics. This is by no means a complete list of all people who define themselves as ‘libertarian,’ but it does help to illuminate a general discordance within the party.

Considering the problems that our country is facing, and the dire consequences of inaction, I find it necessary for the Libertarian Party to find an issue which impacts everyone; in fact, it is a necessary prerequisite for our country to move out of the doldrums of an economic Depression and that is sound money. As a fan of Austrian Economics myself, we, as a party and individually, have not fought back hard enough in demanding that our government adhere to the Constitution and end this sham of a fiat/Federal Reserve inspired money system. Ron Paul, at least in Congress, has been the unsung hero of sound money since the late 1970s. Many considered him a quack who knew not about the complexities of the vast US economic system. In point of fact, it was the

Federal Court Refuses to Review 2005 Attack On Independent Candidates – Oregon

Federal Court Refuses to Review 2005 Attack On Independent Candidates – Oregon

Political parties did not exist in 1787; nor, are they mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Despite this, the newly-created electorate rapidly fragmented.

By the time Oregon joined the Union, parties defined American political life. Chief among their tools: The right to decide who got the privilege of running for political office.

Hardly democratic.

Even a basic understanding of that term supports the notion that choosing the various candidates is at least as important as choosing the eventual winner.

In 1904, tired of the “Tweedledee-Tweedledum” general elections offered by the party bosses, Oregonians initiated the Direct Primary Law, allowing voters, not political conventions, to determine the nominees. The law also allowed electors to both vote in their party’s primary and sign the nominating petition of “any independent or nonpartisan candidate.”

After all, if my main concern is, say, the unhealthy influence of money on state and federal elections, and, if those at the top of my state party’s slate don’t share that focus, why shouldn’t I be allowed to help choose who represents me in the legislature, and, then throw my support behind an independent gubernatorial or Presidential candidate scared of dollars, too.

Or, what if the nominee dies before the general election and my neighbor is dissatisfied with the replacement chosen by her party’s central committee? Why shouldn’t she be free seek an independent candidate more in sync with her views?

If you run the parties, the answers are obvious – allowing individuals to stray from the reservation, as it were, reduces your power.


Since 1904, Oregon’s political parties have belonged to the voters; not, the other way around.

Unfortunately, the people who write the elections laws can’t claim the same independence. These legislators naturally support electoral machinery that guarantees their bloc’s success.

Unfortunately, for them,

United States Federal Government Grants

United States Federal Government Grants

Nowadays, people are finding them selves wanting added cash for one reason or another. Some for the simple lack of employment, cash for school, starting a small business, opening a non profit company or just attempting to repair the roof over there heads. Luckily among the advantages of American citizenship is possessing the ability to apply for Us grant money assistance.

These funds are available and are given for various reasons to those that qualify. Meeting the qualifications to the letter is the key to receiving the funds. Those that are denied most likely did not do any investigation, did not ask for professional help or they merely failed to fill out the paper work correctly.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of grant writing services out there that will help improve your likelihood in getting approved for the free money! All you have to do is start to look for the knowledge and you’ll be on your way to finding all you need know. Remember government agencies aren’t the only source of grant monies. You can find public and privet agencies that provide grants to individuals as well. Remember to search for those too.

If you do not feel secure attempting to get a grant by yourself, employ someone to perform it for you. Professional grant writers will in some cases just charge a small one time fee and guarantee to revise and resubmit your grant application until it’s approved. This will take some of the pressure off and give you the luxury to target other business.

Due to the internet, having access to infinite amounts of information on United states government grants is easy to find. In case you are a self doer then I’d suggest researching some grant writing software. The prices for this sort of knowledge is vary low. The software will provide you with step by step instruction from the application procedure to the easiest way for you to get an approval of funds.

If you happen to be denied, don’t despair. You are permitted to reapply over and over if need be. Right your mistakes and try yet again. The most important effort you can make in applying for a grant is to keep trying, giving up means NO MONEY.

Your personality should stand out. Try to be as personable as possible in your proposal. This job of grant writing, applying and getting accepted is not all cut and dry. There is certainly real people looking at your request, they’ll most likely see your request like all the others. Still if your personal explanations for grant approval stand out, you’ll have a greater opportunity at receiving that big check. So be straightforward sincere and to the point. It’s one thing to have a great story and another to shovel a load of bull. I am a sales man of eight years experience. The largest tickets I’ve ever sold where made with an effective truthful and sincere story. The buyers did not only thank me. Several of them have become my friends.

Once you are approved dependant upon the type of grant you received will determine if you are able to reapply for the next year or term of availability. I worked for a non profit performing arts association that received a 00.00 cash grant year after year. We utilize it for equipment purchases, maintenance and materials. If I remember correctly, we had to clarify in our grant proposal just how much we needed, why we wanted it and the timeframe we planed to utilize it in. It is vary important that you’ll be specific with your plans for the cash you need. The very last thing any organization, government, privet or public will want to do is give cash out to those who will waste it.

The best time to start is NOW! Should you wait you’ll miss it. Once you get the hang of this you will know which grants you qualify for and the one you don’t. Apply for as many as you can and repeat it. Your odds for approval increase the you submit so keep at it.

If you are looking to learn more on getting a United states federal grant, feel free to look over a few of the resources listed here at


The earlier you start the faster you will get your check. Good luck!

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