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“Not So United” States Of America

“Not So United” States Of America

There could have been several alternative titles to this article including – “Guess Who’s (Not) Coming To Dinner,” a spoof on an old movie title, or it could have been “What If The Federal Government Passed A Law And Nobody Cared?” I never thought this country could get to this point but consider the following “not so united” instances from just our recent past:

– The Montana state legislature passed a law last year that exempts Montana citizens from Federal gun purchase laws as long as the guns and related ammunition were made, purchased, and used in the state of Montana. Their reasoning is straight out of the U.S. Constitution which gives the Federal government the right to regulate interstate transportation but it gives it no right to regulate intrastate commerce. Act of defiance #1.
– According to an online article from the Salt Lake Tribune from November 13, 2010, the state of Utah is considering passing the same type of law as it applies to guns and ammunition purchased in the state of Utah. Act of defiance #2.
– The state of Arizona recently passed and will soon institute a controversial immigration law that allows a member of a police force to ask for proof of citizenship while in the midst of investigating a potential crime. This was done since the state legislature and the majority of Arizona citizens got tired of waiting for the Federal government to solve the illegal immigrant and illegal drug flow into Arizona from Mexico. The Federal government, through Obama’s public posturing and attorney general Eric Holder’s threat to bring a lawsuit against the Arizona law (even though at the time he threatened the lawsuit he had not read the law), are certainly not happy with Arizona. Act of defiance #3.
– Less well know but equally defiant is the fact that Arizona is not alone in its defiance of the Federal government’s inaction with regard to illegal immigration. According to a recent Eric Effron article in The Week magazine, in the first quarter alone of 2010, state and local governments have enacted their own version of immigration laws, over 100 in total. The state of Florida is just one of several other states that are thinking of following Arizona’s lead in this area in defiance of Obama and Holder. Act of defiance #4.
– For years it has been legal to sell medical marijuana in California through specially designated outlets as long as a legitimate doctor prescribed marijuana for pain relieve. This was and is in direct conflict with Federal anti-drug laws that prohibits the sale of marijuana for any purpose. Thus, marijuana purveyors face the dilemma of being in compliance with state laws and defying Federal laws. Act of defiance #5.
– After the 9-11 attacks, it seemed obvious to many politicians that it was much too easy to get fake government identification papers. The fear was that the ease of obtaining these ids would make it easier for terrorists to gain access to the country to carry out additional attacks. The Federal government passed the real ID act shortly after 9-11, with the intent to tighten up and standardizing the processes for obtaining any state or Federal level identification cards and papers. The states had until mid-2010 to comply with the law. As that date approaches, the reality is that most states have more or less ignored the Real ID mandate and have not complied. Act of defiance #6.
– Since the Obama administration forced its version of health care reform through the back door of the Senate rule book and made it law, dozens of states have started the process to exclude themselves and/or their citizens from certain parts of the law. These exclusions include avoiding collecting and paying out additional Medicare taxes and excluding their state’s citizens from the requirement that they have to purchase health care insurance. Act of defiance #7.
– A letter in the Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine from a few months ago illustrated the fact that many young people will not purchase health care insurance as mandated under the recently passed health care reform bill. They would rather take the chance that they are never caught, and if they are caught, they will pay a fine of several hundred dollars versus the economic decision of paying several thousand dollars a year in health care insurance that they probably will not need in their immediate future. Act of defiance #8.
– Several days ago, the Destin area in Okaloosa Country, Florida got tired of waiting for the Federal government to help them deal with the catastrophic BP oil spill as it hit their beaches. Thus, earlier this week, the country commission voted to give county authorities power to act in saving the local environment even if it meant breaking Federal laws and statutes. “We made the decision legislatively to break the laws. If necessary, we will do whatever it takes to protect our county’s waterways and we’re prepared to go to jail to do it,” said County Commission Chairman Wayne Harris. Act of defiance #9.
– In general, for the first time in a long time, possibly the Civil War or the Revolutionary War, we hear the term “we need take back our country” thrown around many, many times a week. People are frustrated and angry about how the country is being directed by a government that is run by the American political class. Congressional approval ratings of less than 25% in all unbiased opinion polls bear out this anger and frustration. When you constantly hear the fighting words, take back our country, and when a new political movement such as the Tea Party rises to prominence in such a short time, you know citizens and local governments are getting very restless. Act of defiance #10.

I cannot remember any time during my lifetime where there was so much resistance to the ways and will of the Federal government. Sure, many citizens protested against the war in Vietnam but there was virtually no state or local governments rebelling over the issue. Back in the Jim Crow days, many southern states resisted the onset of the civil rights movement but that was one singular issue across only several states. Now, we have not only citizens deciding whether or not they will comply with a Federal law (e.g. medical marijuana and mandatory health care purchase) but many state and local government bodies deciding which Federal laws to obey or disobey on a full range of issues (gun control, medical marijuana, personal identification processes, health care mandates, environment laws, etc.)

All of this defiance raises some very interesting, and perhaps, horrifying possibilities:

– What does the Federal government do if it passes a law that no citizens and no state governments obey?
– Does the Federal government take the state government(s) in question to court?
– What if the states lose in Federal court and the states still disobey?
– Do you send in the 101st Airborne Division to arrest state government leaders? What if the state’s citizens resist, do you have mass arrests or worse (i.e. pull a Kent State on them)?
– How many states would the Federal government be willing to take to court and on what issues? Between over 100 illegal immigration laws, mass defiance of the Real ID act, dozens of states willing to void, at least in their minds, the health care reform bill, at least two states messing with Federal gun control statutes, other states looking at legalizing marijuana to help cover budget shortfalls, etc., the courts could become very crowded.
– If the Federal government does not take the disobeying states and citizens to court and allows the disobedience to go on unabated, what power is left to the Federal government? Similar to that old joke where some drivers consider the yellow traffic light more of a suggestion than a rule, do the Federal government’s laws eventually become merely suggestions and not the rule of the land?
– How does everyone and every level of government reconcile these acts of defiance with the following words from our Declaration Of Independence:

“That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of the ends, it is the right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organising its power in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness…. but when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government and to provide new guards for their future security.”

When do acts of defiance rise to these principles in the Declaration of Independence? Is it a single act of defiance that rises to these principles or is it a long train of lesser infractions whose sum totals fits into this description? Fascinating times and questions.

However, the Federal wing of the American political class have no one to blame but themselves. With their increasing isolation from the core of America, the showering of themselves with perks, pay, and life long benefits, their rigging of the election processes (favorable campaign finance laws and Congressional district gerrymandering), their incompetence with dealing with any major issues such as hurricanes, oil spills, and other disasters, their inability to solve any major issue facing Americans (e.g. failing public schools, continuing drug trafficking problems, failed government regulations and regulators, insecure borders, skyrocketing deficits and debt, lack of a national energy strategy and plan), the reduction in freedom for individual Americans as the freedom, scope and wealth of the politicians expand, and their condescending attitudes to Americans (remember Harry Reid’s comments that American tourists (visiting a taxpayer funded DC visitors’ center) physically smelled or Nancy Pelosi’s observations that if you disagree with President Obama health care reform plan you must be un-American), there should be no surprise that acts of defiance are increasing.

Somebody needs to step up and find a way to put “United” back in our nation’s title. Somebody needs to step up and put respect back into our nation’s vocabulary so that rather than calling someone degrading names who has a different opinion than ourselves, we respectfully disagree and work together to find unified solutions. Otherwise, we will go from a united nation of laws to a divided nation of suggestions and I am not sure anyone wins under that scenario.

Our new book, Love My Country, Loathe My Government – Fifty First Steps To Restoring Our Freedom and Destroying The American Polkitical Class” is now available at www.loathemygovernment.com and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Vist our blog at www.loathemygovernment.blogspot.com for our nearly daily dialog on freedom in America.

Toyota announce one day a massive recall, the very next day General Motors is airing on television commercials exploiting the recall. Coincidental? Hmmmmm? Chrysler and General Motors are basically owned by the US government which is currently controlled by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party and the Obama administrating beholding to the unions. The United Auto Workers union has Toyota in their cross-hairs because Toyota factories in the United States are not unionized. This contributes to two reasons the Democrats in Congress are exploiting the Toyota recall. Toyota is a Government Motors competitor, and to please the United Auto Workers union. This is nothing but exploitation by the Democrats and the UAW. Toyota’s President Akio Toyoda and Toyotas chief executive of North America Yoshimi Inaba have been called before Congress. This is an attempt to increase the sales of General Motors and Chrysler automobiles while hurting Toyota sales. According to the following website: auto-recalls.justia.com American made automobiles have more recall incidents than Toyota. Yet the Democrats are show-boating Toyota. It stinks. Toyota produces reliable automobiles and Japan and Toyota are owed an apology for this shameful attack upon their honor by the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party. Toyota recall General Motors GM Chrysler Japan Japanese House Committee Oversight and Government Reform Edolphus Towns Democrat New York Akio Toyoda Yoshimi Inaba Tony
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Is America Sleep Walking Through Its Political Issues?

Is America Sleep Walking Through Its Political Issues?

A patient of mine recently experienced an unusual problem. Apparently, she got out of bed in the middle of the night, walked outside into her garage and entered her sports car. She was changing her car clock when her partner, who was in a panic, located her in the car. My patient was awakened by her partner and was confused and bewildered as they left the garage to resume their evening’s sleep.

Sleep walking is not an unusual pattern. For many, it is an infrequent occurrence, but for others it is a lifelong experience. Recently, I have been wondering about the manner in which many of our citizens are “sleep walking” through the impact of our political landscape. As a society, we appear to be distracted and asleep at the wheel. It seems as if there is a chronic pathology among of our people characterized by naivety, indifference, and a lack of awareness to political and cultural issues.

I recall Jay Leno canvassing the streets of Los Angeles trying to find one American who could tell him how many Supreme Court justices serve on our highest bench and to identify one of their names. The responses were pathetic and called attention to the lack of political awareness of our citizenry. Recently, as my wife and I boarded a plane to return to Arizona, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was sitting in the third row of the plane. I was not aware of one on-coming passenger who seemed to recognize her or acknowledge her presence. When we deplaned and headed for the luggage area, while other passengers appeared to be oblivious to the relevance of the situation, I proceeded to introduce myself and carry on a brief conversation with her. As one of my 15 year old patients once said, “Why should I care about politics, I can’t change anything anyway.” Nevertheless, it is my belief that feeling powerless is never an excuse for sleeping through the political process.

Although I certainly respect and support our current troops deployed in Iraq and other locations, there is something quite disturbing about the false sense of patriotism displayed by Americans. For example, I believe many of us have trivialized the concept of war through the simplistic use of bumper stickers, ribbons and other insignias signifying troop support. What do these symbols really mean for most Americans? Are they true signs of patriotism by those who fully understand the impact and implications of our current war in Iraq? My brother, who was a Lieutenant and company commander in Viet Nam cringes at the naivety and lack of awareness that many Americans possess about the nature of terrorism, combat and military missions. Maybe if the military adopted a conscription policy, some Americans might rethink their form of patriotism? Maybe if they knew their own children would be subject to going off to Baghdad, they would reconsider the way they demonstrate their loyalty to our military efforts. You might recall what happened when the President tried to make nice with Congressman Jim Webb over the involvement of Mr. Webb’s son in the Iraq war. Congressman Webb bluntly told the President to mind his own business.

Americans tend to believe that if they project an image of patriotism, they are exempt from a deeper understanding of the implications of the war in Iraq. How many of our people are aware of how our wounded soldiers are being treated at Building #18 in Walter Reed Hospital? Do we understand that the hospital is under constant review for improper patient treatment and deplorable conditions? Are we aware that inpatient soldiers have complained about the unsanitary conditions at the hospital including rodents infesting the environment? How many in the Bush administration or Congress are aware of the conditions our soldiers are subjected to and do they care? Would any of us send our loved ones to heal in an environment like that? Is this how we support our troops? Shouldn’t we all be concerned about this issue? Instead we sleep walk through the military and political debate over the mission and purposes of the Iraq war. We believe that the political voices in Washington D.C. are more competent and convincing than our own. We take the easy way out from committing ourselves to being patriotic in the truest since of the word. We must walk the walk through political action, not words.

Will we sleep walk though the debate on global warming as our oil companies try to pay off researchers so they will reinterpret their findings to soften the implications of global warming? We minimize the problem by either ignoring it or by pretending to care by talking about minutiae such as using HOV lanes and not burning wood in our fireplaces as means of eradicating the problem of pollution. Is Al Gore’s documentary, Inconvenient Truth, really that inconvenient that we are willing to deny its truth? Our war in Iraq will continue to kill and maim many, but global warming has the potential to kill us all. Will we sleep walk through this problem by displaying our symbolic bumper stickers or will we attack the problem with action? It will not be the terrorists who do us in, for the enemy is at home.

Americans can no longer afford to sleep walk through the critical political issues that we face globally. Our indifference, lack of awareness, denial, shallowness, and lack of motivation will only serve to escalate the dangers that we confront. It will not be “the axis of evil” that consumes us but our own ignorance and laziness.

James P. Krehbiel, Ed.S., LPC is an author, freelance writer, and nationally certified cognitive-behavioral therapist practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona. His personal growth book, Stepping Out of the Bubble is available at www.amazon.com. James can be reached at www.krehbielcounseling.com.

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The Ex-presidents of the United States of America – Richard Nixon

The Ex-presidents of the United States of America – Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was born on 9 January 1913 in Yorba Linda, Orange County, California. He won scholarships to both Harvard and Yale but due to lack of finances he was forced to decline them. He instead enrolled in a local Quaker college, Whittier College where he was a model student. In 1934 he graduated second in his class and entered Duke University School of Law, North Carolina. He returned to California in 1937 and was admitted to the Bar, working for the law offices of Wingert and Bewley, he became a full partner in the firm in 1938. He was commissioned in the United States Navy in August 1942, he was assigned as the naval passenger control officer for the South Pacific Combat Air Transport Command. He received two service stars, although he did not see any combat action; he made lieutenant commander in October 1945 and resigned his commission on 1 January 1946. He ran for and was elected to the Unites States House of Representatives in the November 1946 elections. He first came to national recognition when his investigation of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) broke the impasse in the Alger Hiss case. Nixon became polarised in the American consciousness, he was a hero to Roosevelt’s enemies but an enemy to Rossevelt’s supporters because Hiss had been an advisor to FDR. In the 1950 elections, Nixon was elected to the Senate defeating the Democratic representative in a historic landslide. Due to his strong anti-communist stance, Eisenhower selected him to be the Vice-Presidential candidate at the Republican National Convention in July 1952.

During the campaign he was accused by the New York Post of accepting private donations, a claim that he strenuously denied. The Republicans won the ticket, Nixon broadened the scope of the post. In 1960, he launched his campaign for President of the United States of America. His Democratic challenger was John F. Kennedy. The race was close, becoming defined by the first televised presidential debates, Nixon was recovering from illness and appeared uncomfortable in comparison to the composed JFK, however many people listening on radio considered Nixon to be the winner. Kennedy amid accusations of electoral fraud, won with the most meagre of margins. Nixon returned to California, practiced law and wrote the best selling political memoir Six Crises. He ran for Governor of California in 1962, losing to Pat Brown and leading to many to write off his political career. However, he re -entered the arena, throwing his hat into the ring for the 1968 Presidential campaign. He modelled himself as a figure of stability, appealing to socially conservative Americans, pitting himself against the hippie counterculture, he won the nomination. He then attacked the Democrats on charges of allowing the United States to lose their nuclear superiority, he also promised that he would end the Vietnam War. He won, completing a memorable comeback from the political wilderness. He set out to develop relations with China, pursue arms control agreements with the Soviet Union, activate a peace process in the Middle East, ensure that US inflation was curbed and implement welfare reform. However, his most pressing task was to tackle the Vietnam War.

He approved a secret bombing campaign of Cambodia with the intention of destroying the headquarters of the National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam. He followed this with implementing the Nixon doctrine, which was a strategy of replacing American troops with Vietnamese troops in Vietnam. His further bombing campaigns in Laos and Cambodia led to widespread protests at home. He was re-elected President in the 1972 campaign in one of the biggest landslides in American political history. Nixon had an aggressive foreign policy that included successes with the Soviet Union, China and the Middle East but he was dogged by a weak national economy and domestic protests over the continued war in Vietnam. After his 1972 re-election, his administration was consumed by the Watergate scandal, named after the hotel and office complex where burglars hired by Nixon’s re-election campaign were caught in a sloppy attempt to bug the offices of the Democratic National Convention. Nixon played down the scandal as mere politics and his administration denounced the story as misleading, however the FBI confirmed the allegations, senior aides began resigning and many faced prosecution. Losing political support by the day and facing almost certain impeachment, Nixon resigned his post on August 9, 1974; however, he never admitted to criminal wrongdoing, only conceding he made errors of judgment. On 8 September, 1974 President Ford granted an absolute pardon to Nixon, ending any possibility of indictment. Nixon moved back to California to write his memoirs and was variously consulted on a private basis by his successors but his standing as a disgraced President continued to dog him.

In 1977, he began to embark on a public relations comeback effort, meeting with British journalist David Frost who paid him six hundred thousand dollars for a series of sit-down interviews. The first of his ten books that he authored in his retirement was published at this time, enabling Nixon to emerge from his seclusion to embark on book tours. He later embarked on tours to Egypt, Soviet Union, Japan and China. He gained respect as an elder statesman in the arena of foreign affairs and was consulted by both Democratic and Republican successors to the Presidency. No American President served as long in national office as Nixon did, he appeared on the Republican party’s Presidential ticket five times, secured the Republican nomination three times and was elected twice to the office of President and Vice-President. Along with Ronald Reagan, he was the chief builder of the modern Republican party. He was instrumental in expelling the Soviet Union from the Middle East, he initiated formal relations with China and improved relations with the Soviet Union. Domestically he decentralised government by revenue sharing, ended school segregation, ended the gold standard, reduced the crime rate and pioneered environmental policies. However, his policies in Vietnam remain contentious; his principal electoral mandate had been to end the war. He did authorise the gradual withdrawal of the 500,000 American troops from South Vietnam but the war continued to drag on. Some assert that Nixon sold out the South Vietnamese government, others argue that his he needlessly prolonged the war by negotiating conditions that were advantageous to United States objectives that never has any possibility of being achieved.

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The Ex-presidents of the United States of America – Jimmy Carter

The Ex-presidents of the United States of America – Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was born into a Georgian family of several generations on 1 October 1924. In 1943 he entered the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, graduating in 1946 and being commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy. After two years of service working on experimental radar and gunnery vessels, he switched to submarines. He subsequently applied, and was accepted to participate in the fledgling nuclear submarine construction programme, taking courses in nuclear physics and reactor technology in Union College. On the death of his father, he cut short his naval career, returning to run the family business of peanut-farming and fertilizer production. He built it into a prosperous business and became involved in civic and church affairs. He was elected to the Georgia State Senate in 1963, serving two terms until 1967. He ran for Governor of Georgia in 1966, but failed to secure the nomination, he ran again in 1970 and was successful. As Governor, he publicly denounced racial discrimination, the first state-wide office holder to do so in the Deep South. He reorganised government, significantly reducing the number of agencies and streamlining the administration. He announced his candidature for the 1976 Presidential election and was successful in securing the Democratic nomination and was pitted against Gerald Ford, the Republican nominee, after a very tight contest Carter prevailed, becoming the thirty-ninth President of the United States. Once in the White House, he stressed human rights in international affairs; in domestic affairs he highlighted the necessity for energy conservation and reformed the civil service. He handed back the Panama canal to Panama which was a very contentious issue amongst the American public.

Russell Shortt is a travel consultant with Exploring Ireland, the leading specialists in customised, private escorted tours, escorted coach tours and independent self drive tours of Ireland. Article source Russell Shortt, http://www.exploringireland.net http://www.visitscotlandtours.com

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The Bald Eagle, National Symbol of the United States of America

The Bald Eagle, National Symbol of the United States of America

For many years I taught my fifth grade students about the symbols of the United States of America. Over the years I have grown to love our national symbol, the American Bald Eagle. Many students are shocked to learn that our national symbol is not the flag, but the Bald Eagle.

In 1782 it was chose as the National Bird and then as our national emblem in 1787. You can find it on the Great Seal of the United States with its wings spread wide and a shield for his breast. The shield has 13 red and white stripes. In its right talon it holds an olive branch and, if you care to count, you will find that the olive branch has 13 leaves and 13 berries. This olive branch represents the United States desire for peace. In the Bald Eagles left talon is a bundle of 13 arrows that represent our willingness to fight for our freedom, if necessary. Finally in its beak is a scroll with the motto “E Pluribus Unum” which means ‘one out of many’.

The Bald Eagle also appears on the Presidential Seal, most coins, paper money and many stamps.

There are many types of eagles all over the world, but the American Bald Eagle only lives on the North American Continent. That is one reason that the Golden Eagle was not chosen because it lives in Europe, also.

It has been reported that at one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War the noise of the battle awoke sleeping eagles who flew from their nests circling the men fighting below. Their shrill cries blended with the cries of the fighting men. Some of them said they are “shrieking for freedom”.

When born the Bald Eagle is born it is gray and not the graceful bird of flight that you see five years later after it has developed it’s white tail feathers and head feathers.

The Bald Eagle is at the top of the food chain living in the tops of lofty mountains and near coasts and lakes where fish abound. They represent boundless freedom as they soar through the blue skies.

When you first see this bird he is really impressive. It has a 2 ½ – 3 foot body and can spread its sings 6-8 feet. When it spreads those wings and takes flight you catch your breath because they are so beautiful. To see their nests (aerie) in trees you would look for a tree that is usually over seventy five feet tall. The nests themselves are about five feet in diameter and just as deep.

There are many interesting facts about the Bald Eagle, such as its diving speed which can reach 100mph as it goes for a fish. At one time they were being killed in record numbers for their beautiful feathers. The government intervened and put them on the endangered list.

The term ‘eagle eyes’ refers to their ability to see 1 ½ miles away. We need to keep an eagle eye on our freedoms that are represented by this noble bird, The American Bald Eagle, so that we don’t loose them.

1) www.scifi.com 2) tlc.discovery.com Please visit and support the above listed web links I have provided for your viewing pleasure as well as for furthering your education on the subject matters discussed within this incredible interview. It is vital for all of you out in the World to go out and do your own research on the criteria covered within Mr. Robert Lazar’s testimonial interview. I also recommend that whoever likes this interview to go out and purchase the DVD in it’s entirety as I have because it is much better in quality and is well worth the money and may change your life. Mr. Robert Lazar reveals his work at a secret base located just a few miles away from Area 51. The base he was working at and witnessed uFO flights as well as other out of this world technological feats was dubbed “S4”. S4is located near the Papoose dry lake bed yet it is well hidden so that it cannot be detected by satellite photography or radar. Approximately 15 million US citizens have reported UFO sightings. Two former united States presidents have even come foraward with reports of their sighting s of uFO’s in the skies but the nation and the majority of its populace still are very skeptical on the existence of UFO’s. There are many indiviiduals who truly believe that they are indeed real and they have been here for all of our humanity’s existence and are responsible for our creation itself. Yet there are those who remain skeptical and try and point out that some of the UFO sightings
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Macaca And Terror Politics – America Is Headed The Wrong Way!

Macaca And Terror Politics – America Is Headed The Wrong Way!

“Let’s give a welcome to Macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia.”—Sen. George Allen, Republican Presidential hopeful calling a student of Indian descent a “Monkey” in coded racist language. Allen then began talking about the “war on terror.”

The recent terror arrests in Britain show the need to fight “for our security in a rational, serious way rather than being bogged down in a war than is harmful to our security.”—Ned Lamont on the terror arrests in the U.K. after beating incumbent senior Senator of Connecticut, Joseph Lieberman.

Ned Lamont’s Connecticut victory is a victory for “level headed” America. George Allen’s xenophobic slam is a demonstration of the extremist and desperate direction that some section of this country is so hell bent on steering it to…a one hundred year backtrack.

George Allen’s apology is pure nonsense for his record of “accomplishments” speaks volumes. This same man:

1. Led the charge against a holiday for Martin Luther King – a prince of racial peace.

2. Is a key figure in fueling the rampant anti-immigrant mood in the country today – kick them ALL out (legal & illegal), they are contaminating our culture, taking our jobs, raping our women and introducing new diseases to our beloved motherland.

3. Had been dogged by numerous allegations of racial insensitivity for years as governor – his record as Governor of the state of Virginia (1994-1998) reeks of racially intolerant acts.

4. Has a past that includes a vociferous admiration of the Confederate flag and an office that once displayed a noose.

What more does one need to catalog this man as a die-hard racist?

Senator Allen is not only “foolish” and “mean” as some of his moderate Republican colleagues have called him but he is just a well-chronicled racist….period!

Because of his desire to become president in 2008 and due to the cognizance that an extremist will never be elected president in modern America, Senator Allen has introduced a half-baked anti-lynching legislation in the Senate and promised to lead the charge for an official apology for slavery…desperate political gerrymandering tailored to flaunt an extremist as a moderate.

The two Republican administrations of George Bush and Dick Cheney are textbook examples of how not to conduct the affairs of any government. I have watched this administration bungle and mangle the affairs of this great nation in the most alarming and reckless manner.

The 9-11 debacle was like a gong going off to mark the inauguration of a “rotten” era in American politics. This grave event has been milked and abused by greedy and selfish politicians at all levels of government, the media, the bigots and the supremacists.

Even the religious sycophants and “Jesus Freaks” such as Pat Roberts of the 700 Club have not been left out. Some are forecasting a third world war with quotations from the Bible…to advance their agenda of theft and deceit.

The Bush administration aided by some sectors of a partisan media has over the last six or so years outrageously manipulated a relatively factually ill-informed populace. A TV educated public that is largely incapable of analyzing news from a non-partisan and logical perspective. A people held at ransom by a marauding media in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

The people of the United States have been hoodwinked, cajoled and totally mesmerized by an administration fueled by “third world like” blood letting. “Scheduled” Terror alerts have been orchestrated for selfish political gain. Some exceedingly comical and outrightly ridiculous.

Intolerance, which until this administration came about, was somewhat subdued and slowly dying its natural death is now above the radar…thanks to George Bush and Co. Hate groups have been rejuvenated and re-invented…fueling hatred across the country.

On Immigration, Hate and “Macacaism”

Politicians are running amok taking sides on this issue to position their selfish selves for the forthcoming November elections. Some like Colorado’s Tom Tancredo have even forged “coalitions” with the most dastardly and virulently predatory hate groups in this country. Newscasters like Lou Dobbs of CNN, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reily of FOX NEWS among many, are skillfully using their privileged positions in these media organizations to hammer in and stir salt into the open wounds of hatred, unremittingly using fear and misinformation which have instigated horrible hate crimes against immigrants, especially Latinos.

Tattooed Skinheads and the Ku Klux Klansmen wielding pistols and hi-tech rifles are running around the country vomiting hateful rhetoric…proclaiming imminent war on the “invaders,” poisoning the minds of well-meaning citizens.

Reminiscent of the slavery days, Hispanics are being portrayed as “lower forms of life”…it is not too long ago that this was said of blacks and earlier immigrants.

Commentators and Journalists have mindlessly manipulated news items on immigration, repeatedly narrating the most desperate and extreme talking points, in order to inflate their rankings in the Nielsen sweepstakes, a crucial yard stick in generating ad revenues.

Racism in America is on the upsurge and the predatory and ferrety instincts of the bigoted in this country are as sharp as ever. Racism never went away as we all know; we beat it down into a hiding hole, now the intolerant half of this nation is using the “illegal immigration issue” to rear their ugly heads out of their foxholes.

One issue stands clear – no one want’s terrorists in this land and the majority favor an orderly immigration itinerary, but a despicable few have cashed in on this issue repeatedly to transport their agenda of hate and intolerance.

Because of the reckless war policies instituted by the Bush administration, fewer Americans want to join the military, resulting in missed recruiting quotas …now being filled with hate-filled recruits.

It has been widely reported that white supremacists have infiltrated the military forces because admission standards have had to be lowered due to low recruit turnouts, ostensibly to defend the “homeland” from “foreign invaders.”

“Cazamigrantes” (A conglomeration of hate filled immigrant hunters) like the “Minute Men” are on the march and “chapters” are spreading like wild fire across the country igniting more hate.

These in my humble opinion are future “Home Grown Terrorists.” The military training they take delivery of today will be used against their “targets of hate” in the future, and they hate almost anything and anybody. How frightening!

The War in Iraq

In his recent statement, Mr. Lamont elucidates five critical observations:

1. With a force of 132,000 troops and a cost of billion per month, we are currently refereeing a civil war in Iraq with no signs of progress and no credible exit strategy.

2. Our force readiness to face another threat elsewhere in the world has been diminished because of our preoccupation with Iraq.

3. Both anger at America around the world and the number of terrorists seeking to do us harm have increased. We are not stronger and safer because of Iraq; just the opposite is unfortunately true.

4. Potential attacks like the one that appears to have been foiled today are clear and present dangers. Al-Qaeda continues to have operational capacity to threaten air traffic around the world, including into and out of the United States.

5. We need to focus on our security, on apprehending Osama bin Laden and other terrorist leaders and on building a credible, effective foreign policy with our allies.

Osama bin Laden has not been caught, yet Vice President Dick Cheney continues to daydream about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, a country that for all practical purposes is in the middle of a brutal civil war, a civil war emanating from politics of greed and deceit…sinister agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with Osama bin Laden and the war on terror. Meanwhile a hapless Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and an irritating and arrogant Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld continue to strut around like castrated peacocks.

Sure, Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator but what did this have to do with the 9-11? Shouldn’t all efforts have been invested in Afghanistan where Osama bin Laden still perches, taunting America to “pee-pee” fits!

The American people need to wake up

America is a great nation, a nation that must learn from what it endured in the past. A nation that must review its bloody racial history and not repeat the same mistakes. A nation that must vet incompetence when electing leaders of high office, for you voted in “third world” incompetence in 2000 and again in 2004.

“The chain reaction of evil—hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars—must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation,”—Martin Luther King Jr. said.

I sincerely hope that America will recuperate and survive the immense moral and emotional damage that has been inflicted upon it over the last six years.

I rest my case.

James opiko writes for AfroArticles.com. Dig here for a listing of all articles in AfroArticles.com, and Submit your articles to promote your website(s), products & services.

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