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You never know what you’ll get in here.

Did the Democrats take the high road?

When if comes to the dems, do they care about the clear truth, or is it just  something they say to play to their, furthering insane, base?

WTF has happened?

Do you realize that EVERYONE with an iota of common sense realizes you only care about maintaining power of the SCOTUS so you can legislate from the bench!!! IDIOTS, your blue wave is lost. TY for showing how far you will go to get your ends. You have no limits.

They believe there will be a blue wave, but after this dishonest slander-fest against a good man, the lunacy against Ted Cruz while simply trying to have a meal ( good job idiots, you screwed the restaurant owner) in  some absurd attempt to do what? Change minds?  ALL YOU DID WAS MAKE MORE PEOPLE HATE YOU!!!

WTF do the Dems stand for?

The American people, as a whole, see you for what you are! You only care to protect your power, nothing more. You have no ideas, you no longer represent the people, you are only concerned with flatulence… which makes perfect sense since you have become the biggest farts in any room.

All I see is divisiveness and hate!!!  This is not the party of the people anymore!!!  YOU SUCK!!!


Tell me I’m wrong!

I’m done with the swamp!

First: I’m a Libertarian

I am so sick of the swamp showing themselves to be exactly what Trump claimed them to be.  Keep in mind that I voted for Johnson because, well, I hold true to my beliefs.

With that said – I cannot, in good conscience, be silent on just how dumbfucked (sorry) the resist Trump herd has become. Seriously!

The left, no… the Marxists, have become so obviously insane that anyone who believes a blue wave is coming better seek medical help. How can anyone with a brain believe the nonsense at this point?

Trump said “MS13 are animals” and CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYT, WaPo, among many others,  claimed he called all immigrants “animals”!  Are you tired of being lied to yet?

I am now a dues paying Libertarian that will vote R down the line.  Wanna bet that blue wave turns into a puddle?


Harry Reid shows he truly is a racist!

Let’s be realistic here. The book says in the end right will be wrong and wrong will be right. Politicians have taken those words and made them theirs, they own it.

Funny we now prelude a conservative statement with this “I’m not saying I’m supporting the Republican Party”.

And with that said– The Republican party was founded to, in part, counter the Democratic Party who wouldn’t yield to the nation when they wanted to abolish slavery which helped the Civil War to kick off (Dems don’t want anyone to know this lil fact). Look up Copperheads before you say something and make a fool of yourself.

The Party of Lincoln, you know, Honest Abe… assissinated by a Southern extremist? He was the first Republican President and championed rights for minorities.

Bare with me I’m leading up to my point.

In the last 140 years the Democratic party has changed faces to make it look as if they were the ones who have always been for the minorities. Really? And minorities have bought it like a cheap w%*$e on Friday night.

If you do your homework you’ll see time and time again that the Dems have always taken the side less preferred by the nation as a whole. And they call themselves Progressive, once again labeling themselves with a word rather than merit. The extreme left much more so. They are stumbling over themselves now because they are being exposed. Reid, Waters, Frank, Pelosi’s insane logic and even more insane statements, Charles Rangle, Michelle Obamas’ trip to Spain (all she needs to do is say “Let them eat cake”) and now their mouth pieces are running for the hills. They simply can’t cover each others backs anymore because they’ve laid so many eggs in the last 2 years. They are literally chickens with their heads cut off at this point.

Just how crazy is it that many Dems think Obama is too much like Bush? OMG, I almost fainted. Or that “He isn’t liberal enough”!!! HUH? Did you know that science has proven to be an extreme liberal is clinically insane? Note to self, try to stay sane.

Why does Harry Reid openly snub conservative minorities? Because he doesn’t believe there are any consequences for doing so. Crazy… there just might be something to the science.

BTW… Michelle’s trip to Spain cost 10s of millions at a time when we can hardly afford her luxury. 75 secret service were also flown over with her, she stayed at the Ritz. Sounds like cake to me.

Racial tension is on the rise for… political reasons?

I remember kneeling in front of the television as the riots broke out.  I can clearly remember watching the fires burning through homes and businesses, the police shooting water canons at crowds of  people in the streets, the beatings and blood.  I was only 6 years of age so I wasn’t thinking of race or of social injustice but more, “Why was it happening?”.  Thinking back on it now, I’m positive the broadcasters weren’t showing us what was truly going on, but do they now?  It was 1965 and racial tensions had been peaking within the civil rights camps (on both sides) throughout the country.  Being that I was only 6 years old it seemed surreal to me, yet I haven’t fogotten and I remember as if it were yesterday.

The streets on fire during the Watts riots in 1965

On August 11th, motor officer Lee Minikus pulled over Marquette Frye who he suspected was driving while intoxicated.  Also in the car his brother Ronald Frye.  Frye failed to pass sobriety tests and was arrested soon after. Minikus refused to let Frye’s brother, Ronald, drive the car home, and radioed for it to be impounded. Frye later recalled that everything was going fine and we, Minikus and I were even joking around, until his mother showed up.  Events escalated after his mother was shoved and the crowd of onlookers steadily grew from dozens to hundreds. The mob became violent, throwing rocks and other objects while shouting at the police officers. A struggle ensued shortly resulting in the arrest of Marquette and Ronald Frye, as well as their mother. Six days later peace was finally restored by the National Guard, but not before 35 were dead, 864 injured, thousands arrested and over $200 million in property damage had become a tragic reality.

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It’s Bush’s Fault, It’s Obama’s Fault

“Our President seems to think the gulf oil spill is more a photo op than an emergency of biblical proportion!”

The left is screaming that it’s Bush’s fault because he and Cheney were (and are) in bed with the oil companies. The right is crying about how much longer it has taken Obama to do anything about the oil spill. I agree, it has taken him far too long but not because of his nature to treat national emergencies as a photo op. President Obama has to wade through all the bureaucratic spaghetti that he, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr. and our wonderful Senators and Representatives have created.

This isn’t his fault (not wholly), it’s your’s, mine and ours. We Americans have been duped into believing that our elected officials are actually watching our backs, all the while lining their pockets and building their empire… on our backs!

Deepwater Horizon aftermath, oil pours into the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of 100-150,000 barrels each day
100-150,000 barrels pouring into the Gulf of Mexico each day

The gulf oil spill should teach us one very important lesson.  Our government has become so large and fat that it can no longer function properly in times of crisis.   The State Department acknowledges it has had 21 aid offers from 17 countries, yet the Jones Act remains in place. The administration defends its stance by citing a well-established waiver process for foreign vessels. In short, a request to U.S. Customs and Border Protection prompts an inquiry to the Maritime Administration, which leads to a search of the U.S. fleet. If an American ship can provide the same services, the request is denied. Otherwise, the foreign vessel gets a waiver.

Do you see why there’s a problem?

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