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On Progressive Relaxation

On Progressive Relaxation

Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation (aka how to really relax and get the subconscious functioning properly) is now available at itunes and emusic. Troy Coolon LLC’s project “Coul Notes” is several years in the making. Troy Coolon LLC finally releases Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation in digital format via a .mp3 format.

This product in particular was tested by Troy Coulon himself and works “wonders for the subtle body.” Coul notes, the product line, was test marketed on ebay in the CD format and received positive reviews. People said the Coul Notes 1: Billionaire Scriptures product which is nine minute piece is “like a prayer” and Coul Notes 14 is certainly a form of meditation. It can be found, in its entirety, on, soon.

Troy Coolon LLC recognizes quality when he sees it and his form of Robin Hood Theory rolls over fences and does include the blessing of Abraham which states” I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.”  It goes on to state that “my enemies will flee from me in seven directions.” Both of these quotes, from the bible originally, is found in Coul Notes 1.

Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation, blew my mind. Sometimes it gives me energy, a second wind. Sometimes, it makes me really relax and “let go of the tension.” Got tension, got stress, got relaxation issues, feel tight? Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation is the perfect solution. Troy Coulon again satisfies timeless need for relaxation. It does wonders for relationships, our human bodies, and more. Coulon provides a valuable service for busy people or people who would rather listen than read and in this case truly relax.  In this particular edition of Coul Notes, however, one can say thee actor (Rhinoceros, Stone, Eminem: Where Have You Been) who has performed for millions goes “the extra mile.”

“We hope you enjoy the meditation and i’m glad someone pointed that out to me (the prayer) because I did not come to

The Death Of Liberal Education

The Death Of Liberal Education

Ask the question, “what is Liberal education?” to students attending the university today, and one will find very few students who could answer this question with any sort of accuracy. One will hear such things as, “a Liberal education is a well rounded education,” or, “I don’t really know, I’m going to school to have a career.” This, without a doubt, is a serious situation for our culture and our country. We have descended so far down the path of narrow, narcissistic, specialization, that the meaning and purpose of Liberal education itself has become lost in the fog of the information age.


The purpose of a true liberal education, to quote Strauss would be to “provide a ladder by which we try to ascend from mass democracy to democracy as originally meant.” Another way of putting “mass democracy” would be to say mass culture. To further quote Strauss, “it demands from us the complete break with the noise, the rush, the thoughtlessness, the cheapness of the Vanity Fair of the intellectuals as well as of their enemies. It demands from us the boldness implied in the resolve to regard the accepted views as mere opinions, or to regard the average opinions as extreme opinions which are at least as likely to be wrong as the most strange or the least popular opinions. Liberal education is liberation from vulgarity. The Greeks had a beautiful word for vulgarity; they called it apeirokalia, lack of experience in things beautiful. Liberal education supplies us with experience in things beautiful.”

Today’s Liberal education works to achieve the direct opposite of this. Today’s Liberal education seeks to create mass democracy by placing diversity above excellence. Today’s Liberalism seeks to create the city of pigs that others have endlessly labored to rise above.

Though not often spoken, Democracy has an inherent problem. If the masses that elect representatives are ignorant, decline and destruction soon follow. Liberal education provides

Progressive Failure

Progressive Failure

Have you ever heard of the Progressive Ideal? You should have. Progressivism is the ancestor of modern Liberalism, Globalism, Socialism, and its less-than-legitimate grandchild Communism. Progressivism was invented in the 19th century, as an antidote to the blatant self-serving Imperialism of the age. It inspired the great Reform movements of the past hundred years, and much fine literature and music.

Unfortunately, it also inspired much dangerous stupidity, in politics and economics, which plagues us to this day.

The basic tenets of the Progressive Ideal start with simple truths, but then elaborate into philosophical fantasies that warp out of sync with reality. These include:

1) All Men (And Women) Are Created Equal — therefore, all people are basically the same. They all think and feel alike, and all want the same things. There’s no such thing as a bad person: only a dissatisfied or, at worst, a sick one. Give everybody a good education and income and healthcare, including proper mental hygeine, and everybody will happily join in the great worldwide community of civilized people, and there’ll be no more war or crime. Therefore it’s the duty of all proper civilized people to guarantee a good education and income and healthcare to ‘disadvantaged’ people the world over.

2) All cultures have something to contribute to the human experience — therefore, all societies are equally valid. There’s no such thing as a bad culture, only an ignorant one. Give all societies good educations and they’ll all become equally enlightened, and they’ll happily join the great worldwide community of civilized nations, and… etc. Therefore it’s the duty of all civilized societies… etc.

3) People who live in privileged societies are often ignorant of the condition of other societies, or are blinded by their own prejudices — therefore nobody from a wealthy, free, generally happy society has any right to judge other societies or the people in