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Views of the Alaskan Democratic Party

Views of the Alaskan Democratic Party

The Alaska Democratic Party is a representative of the diverse heritage of the state. They believe in working with all types of groups, including religious, social and economic, just to name a few. They are also seeking to make sure people get their families taken care of, have better living areas and work together as one.

The Alaska Democratic Party believes that all residents of the state should have their civil rights protected. The Party also feels that every person in the state is entitled to equal rights. They are against discrimination of any kind, including disability, origin, status or ethnic group.

The Party is in favor of privacy protection for all residents of Alaska. They feel that all residents of the state should be free to be decision makers regarding things that affect their everyday lives. Some of these things include religion, medical care, marriage and whether or not to start a family.

As far as education is concerned, the Alaska Democratic Party believes there should be equal access to education for all residents of the state. They also believe that education should be endowed with funds. The education programs should be representative of the different cultures in Alaska. They should also represent a quality of life for all and also promote a well-rounded economy.

Within Alaska’s education system, it should include a quality educational opportunities for all of Alaska’s children. It should also include vocational training classes and other things that include graduate and research programs. In order for these programs to be effective, there must be studies and activities the liberal arts, sports and other related things.

The Alaska Democratic Party is interested in a health care system that provides equal health care treatment to all residents of Alaska. They also want for residents to be able to afford the health care treatment. In addition to that, people that need assistance for substance abuse of any kind should seek methods that promote prevent addiction.

The Party is also in favor of different treatment methods other than incarceration. Any type of abuse, whether it’s physician, sexual or emotional, will not be allowed. If there are people who are suffering from any of these, they should be provided assistance.

The Democratic Party of Alaska is in favor of rural areas and their culture. They respect their way and quality of life. In addition to that, the Party favors rural residents having equal education and current technological programs.

They should also be able to live in rural areas where their sewer and electrical systems are operating on a normal basis. In addition to that, the rural residents of Alaska should also have access to public safety and health care services.

These beliefs and principles, along with many others are what the Party stands for. These are part of their core beliefs that every resident of Alaska should be entitled to. No one should be left out because of race, gender, ethnicity, disability or anything else that could keep someone from achieving their potential in life.

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United States

United States

The United States was not really united when it formed as a country. Citizens considered themselves more a part of their particular state than to the federal government. Therefore, we had what some call the Civil War or the War Between the States. The appellation that the war was “between the states” is probably more correct. The Southern States seceded from the United States to form individual countries. Their confederation made no pretense to replicate a country. It was only a way for these several individual states to fight a war. After, the end of that war the United States became more important than the individual states. If each state had remained independent, not one state would now be better off than as part of a united country.

People of the United States, rightly or wrongly, have strong feelings about specific issues. This article’s purpose is not to express an opinion such as: abortion or gay marriage. Its purpose is to point out that these issues motivate strong feelings; however, there are far more important issues that must be considered. There are health care issues, which will affect everyone sooner or later. Every religion, especially Christianity requires followers to aid the less advantaged. Jesus regularly preached that. How about the immorality of giving aid to people in Iraq and Afghanistan, but cutting back on aid to the less advantaged in the United States?

The point is that supporting a candidate on a single issue is wrong. Having strong feelings about abortion, but ignoring far more threatening issues such as a war, shows a lack of true concern. Those elected must discern that we object to paying the highest prices in the world for medicines that are made within the United States.

Another major point concerns the need to maintain balance in the U.S. at the Federal level. A one political party government has no controls. The ruling party does what it likes. Look at the twenty years of Democratic rule during the Roosevelt administration. The New Deal got just what it wanted, overriding the Republicans. Rightly or wrongly, the U.S. then got into another world war. Too many Americans were killed regaining our Pacific lands lost to Japan or defending our seaways to England. Congress needs to have at least one house in the other party’s hand – no matter how we feel about that party. The current local candidate may be the best one, but if he/she is a Republican, notice that much of the time Republicans vote without using their brains. They vote as the Republican Party dictates. Look in the media to see all the corruption and poor actions by incompetent Republicans who were appointed without question or opposition.

Americans need to unite in looking beyond less crucial issues to the critical issues or there may be no issues to concern ourselves within the future. It is possible to lose the United Sates.

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The Olympics And Political Protests

The Olympics And Political Protests


The Olympics is no place for political protests; sports and politics are totally different entities.

There is no doubt that this year’s Olympics have been one of the most politically heated topics in sporting history. The issue was sparked off by events in Tibet. Additionally there were claims that the Chinese government has been abusing its people’s human rights. These arguments have caused some countries to boycott the Olympics or to demonstrate in their respective countries about the Olympics. Such decisions necessitate a thorough analysis of the situation. The essay will examine whether the Olympics is the right scene for these political issues.

Arguments for using the Olympics as a platform for political protests

‘There is active discussion in China about how to proceed with Tibet, and a constant debate about political reforms.'(Buxi, 2008)

Some people believe that by using the Olympics as a platform for political issues, they exert pressure upon oppressive governments and such governments may be forced to change their regime. It is a fact that 2008 Olympics to be held in China has sparked lots of debate. The above writer believes that these protests are actually prompting the Chinese government to review their policies towards Tibet. The latter country is fighting for independence and in order to gain international support, there is a need to choose the right movement when all eyes are on the host country. Such people argue that if they were to choose another time like after the Olympics, very few countries will be interested in the problems of China. Also using sporting events as a platform for political issues allows other countries to demonstrate their disdain about the actions of those oppressive regimes.

There are also claims that host countries need to foster the image of the Olympics. This means that they need to portray the peace and unity that is synonymous with the event. If a host country has not been doing this, then it can be seen as a form of hypocrisy. The Chinese government has been criticized for its human rights abuses. There have reports about how the Chinese government prevents its citizens from discussing issues about their government. Furthermore, the Chinese government normally discourages most foreigners form discussing their problems claiming that it has nothing to do with them; they believe that they are the only ones with a right to solve their problems. In light of these arguments, it would be quite unfair for such a government to hold the Olympics and claim that they foster the spirit of unity that is synonymous with the torch. (Rice, 2008)

Some people believe that protests should be conducted in any platforms a long as there is room to be heard. Furthermore, they believe that sometimes members of the host country may not have the political freedom to do so consequently, the international community needs top help them in this. For instance, there are numerous goods in the US government that come form the Chinese government. But workers in that location have minimal access to basic resources. Most of them are subjected to harsh working conditions and low pay. They cannot complain about this situation because it may bring problems. Consequently, the international community needs to help the Chinese workers by voicing their complaints. These complaints will only be noticed when the country stands to loose something. For instance, if the international countries boycotts the Olympics, then chances are the Chinese government will loose a lot. It may therefore be promoted to change their worker’s conditions due to these changes.

Arguments against using the Olympics as a platform for political protests

‘Sport is sport and politics is politics. There has never been anyone who has belied the fact that sport is the best way of uniting peoples.’ (Brincat, 2008)

The above writer believes that the Olympic event is a sporting affair and not a political one. Consequently, all political issues need to be solved through discussions between the affected parties. The problem is between Tibet and China, therefore representatives from both groups need to negotiate. There is no need to waste efforts by protesting against injustices through sports. This writer also believes that there mediation and long term solutions will only come up when the parties are discussing the issue. So far, there have been no tangible results from the protests that we have seen so far. Some reporters have asserted that China will be pressured to improve its policies but no results are forthcoming yet.

Adherents to this view also believe that including political issues in this international sporting event only serves to undermine the main idea behind it; that is unifying all the people of the world. By introducing politics into the equation protestors may cause some countries to boycott the Olympic. This undermines the very purpose behind the sport.

Introducing politics into Politics is not something new; this has occurred in the past. During the year 1984, there were protests in Los Angeles. Also, in the year 1980, there were political issues in Moscow; there were no positive results that came from them. Instead, international sports were undermined. This is exactly what will happen when political issues continue ruling the platform. It should be noted that when countries choose to boycott sporting events, they deny very talented participants from joining the spots. This means that those who accept to do so may not be the best competitors. Consequently, armature athletes may win while the real talent may be forced to stay home. This devalues the entire event. (Barney, 2003)

One must not forget the fact that the Chinese government has gone through a lot of effort to prepare themselves for this event. Fir instance, it has first class facilities for the event like a stadium called Bird’s nest and a swimming pool called Water Cube. By brining in politics in sports, countries that have invested heavily in the sport may be forced to count their losses due to poor attendance though boycotts.

Adherents to the above view also assert that most of the issues that people protest about in politics have nothing to do with politics. For instance protesters against the Beijing Olympics argue that there may be environmental problems in China. The alter issues will not affect the events in the Olympics directly and this means that the latter should not be used as a scene for addressing them.

Lastly, there are numerous athletes that have dedicated so much time and effort top prepare for the vent. These athletes need to be given an opportunity to compete. By introducing politics in the equation, such athletes will not be given a fair chance.


Some people assert that there is no better platform to air out their political issues that the Olympics because the event attracts international attention. It will therefore allow other countries to join in the political issues causing tension. They also claim that using the Olympics as a platform for politics pressures oppressive regimes to change their policies. An example of these changes can be seen in China.

However, other people claim that it undermines the efforts of the sportsmen who put in a lot of time and dedication to prepare for the event. Besides that political issues have nothing to do with the Olympics. As if this is not enough, it causes a waste in resources since host countries invest a lot of resources to prepare for the event. Also, no tangible results are usually forthcoming through protests. Political issues are best solved on a round table. Lastly, protests in Olympics undermine the unity and peace; these are the main principles behind the event. In light of the latter views, it can be seen that Political issues should not be addressed during the Olympics. Citizens need to choose more appropriate platforms because they are the ones who stand to loose in the end.


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Politeness: 2 Characteristics In Business Trading Correspondence

Politeness: 2 Characteristics In Business Trading Correspondence

Business correspondence plays an essential role in commercial transaction since it serves as an important way of contact in various business activities. A business letter gracefully and politely written will probably polish the company’s image filled with integrity and hospitality, which will convince the counterpart to cooperate with you and concludes series of business transactions. On the contrary, a rude letter will bring about side effects and damage the company’s image.

Apart from compliance with the principle of completeness, clarity and concreteness, a perfect business letter entails appropriate tone and expressions and observes the politeness principle. Then what are the politeness principle and the characteristics of business trading correspondence?

1 To keep equal between the two parties.

In business trading correspondence, two parties’ negotiations should be based on equality and mutual interest. To be too modest for politeness will backfire and lead to the doubt on your ability from the partner. E.g. you could rest assured that we would make every effort to effect the shipment as soon as possible so as to meet your demand. It is obvious. It would be better to change into we assure that we shall do our best to expedite the shipment.

2 To choose easygoing words.

It’s said that, the more intimate, the less politeness in talking; while the less intimate, the more politeness. That’s why the politeness level among intimate social crowd is low and they speak more directly. Therefore, to properly lower the politeness level of language means intently improving the intimacy and amiability in speech to achieve the business objective.

It is studied that nowadays more and more customer’s especially western companies intend to be fond of oral expression in fax or e-mail to create a relaxing and easy-going atmosphere to make smooth communications. For example, “nothing your enquiry about shipping mark, I will get back to you as soon as the information is available.” The informal expression “get back to you” can be used to replace the formal “replay to your enquiry” such expression sounds more relaxing and close, but not impolite.

In a word, a polite business letter can expedite the conclusion of a business transaction. Just try to comply with politeness principle when you have to write a business correspondence.

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My Black News Leads In Disseminating African American Issues

My Black News Leads In Disseminating African American Issues

African American issues had been grabbing the headlines in recent years and My Black News [MyBlackNews] had been leading the dissemination and subsequent discussions and debates on said issues. My Black News searches the internet for African American issues that may not be easily available to the reader. The visitor of My Black News website will find discussions about African American issues in the areas of government and politics, community service, entertainment and global events. In addition to African American issues, My Black News provides some of the internet’s most interesting off beat stories, tech news, and entertainment.

My Black News has a wide range of news categories that makes it a well rounded publication and a leading Black Online magazine for the dissemination, discussion and debate of African American issues. These categories include: Latest News, Videos, Black Community, Business News, Education, Entertainment, Government and Politics, Health & Fitness, History, Opinions and Blogs, People, Religion, Sports and World News.

The August 30, 2010 online edition of My Black News is an excellent example of the important role of this publication in disseminating African American issues. An article picked up from the Guardian of UK discusses the lives of New Orleans residents as the city slowly gets back to its feet five years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the many controversial issues that it spawned in its wake. Sure to ignite discussion as well was the article taken from The Huffington Post on Glenn Beck and the Conservative Movement in the United States. An opinion piece taken from on Redefining Convention People’s Party [CPP] as a Calling Prophecy and Promise! shows the engagement of My Black News with the global black community. The author, Kabu Okai Davies asks rhetorically if African Americans can fulfill the promise of Martin Luther King why haven’t Ghanaians fulfilled the promise of Nkrumah? He exhorts his readers that this is the moment to Conceive, Prepare and Plan for Change, Possibility and Power.

My Black News is highly valued in the African American community for as it disseminates African American issues relevant to the community that are not featured in mainstream publications. My Black News helps inform and build solidarity in the African American community which will explain why it has gained the reputation as a leading Black Online magazine in propgating African American issues.

An interesting feature of My Black News that contributes to it becoming a leading Black Online magazine is it allows subscribers to post their own news articles, free of charge. The only requirement of My Black News is that the subscriber/contributor obeys all copyright rules and law and gives prior credit to the original authors and publishers and that the article is free from excess swearing and pornographic material. There are also free online games that should entertain and give a break to the online reader.

The reader can follow My Black News’ Twitter Page and at Facebook at: My Black News’ Facebook. For more information visit Myblacknews.

My Black News is a unique Black Online Magazine that presents all the daily news covering various topics ranging from Business, Health & Fitness, Sports, Religion and more.

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Talking Politics With Twin Baby Prophets

Talking Politics With Twin Baby Prophets

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Words 560

Keywords: Baby Prophets, Twins, Freedom, America First, Politics

Darling and Delicious, the twin baby prophets of Sarhara and her husband the prophet Johnny Oops, had a secret that they shared. Although they were only three months old, because they had genius genes, they had the minds of grown up women, and they regularly argued over politics telepathically. The trouble is that Darling was a republican, and Delicious was a democrat. They argued incessantly over conservative verses liberal points of view. Please keep in mind that their views were not those of normally mature women, but these genius young ladies were determined to solve the major political problems of the United States.

Darling: “We have got to do something about our long term deficit. We have got to balance the budget. Spending is going wild.

Delicious: That’s your fault. You republicans are supposed to be the ones who control the budget and are tough on spending.

Darling: We can’t help it. This war is costing a fortune

Delicious: Who started the war to begin with? I told you it’s your fault.

Darling: Protecting our people from terrorism is more important than balancing the budget.

Delicious: Now your talking like a democrat. We have to spend to protect our people. They are entitled. That’s what’s important.

Darling: It’s your damn entitlements that got us in trouble in the first place. Now see what you’ve done.

Delicious: We are going to have to cut back on foreign spending and the war to save the dollar and protect our economy.

Darling: Now look at who is talking about protectionism. I thought you are supposed to protect us against other countries, not ourselves.

Delicious: That’s not the kind of free market thinking we need. The whole world wants to be our trading partner.

Darling: Then why don’t they trade with us fairly?

Delicious: What do you want – a perfect world?

Darling: This whole discussion strikes me as a classic case of role reversal. What ever are we going to do?

Delicious: We may have to form a third party.

Darling: That would be impossible. We don’t agree on anything.

Delicious. That’s perfect, then we will fit right into the political landscape of the United States.

Darling: I guess when our forefathers fought for individual freedom they did mean it literally.

Delicious: That’s what so precious about our democracy, Darling. Let’s never forget it.

Darling: For once I agree with you, Delicious, but don’t let anyone know. They will start to think we republicans are becoming too liberal, too democratic, and God forbid, too weak.

Darling: As long as we both agree that it’s America first, I am happy to keep your secret.

Delicious: That’s okay, that’s a secret you can tell everyone about.

Darling: I think we both should tell everyone it’s America first as soon as we find our voices, and learn how to speak. This growing up thing can be hell. Thank goodness that in our case it is happening quicker than for most.


Hi, I am Arthur Levine, the author of the novel Johnny Oops. To read more about Johnny, his wife and children, and his fictional wild escapades please access: