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Events Company

Events Company
An events company is usually a concern that handles the organisation and smooth running of an event or function. These events can be corporate functions, weddings, birthdays and much more. Having an event planner on your side ensures that all the burden and stress is completely handled for you. Your biggest task will be to sit back, relax and watch it all unfold.

Hiring a professional events company to assist you with your wedding plans is advised. Having a planner sorting out the finer details for you, guarantees that your day goes off exactly as anticipated. You can expect your hired event planner to handle the decor, co-ordinating, waiting service and even catering set up. You will need to meet with the planner to discuss your specific preferences, requirements and available budget.

When planning a corporate function you are going to require a venue as well as a professional planner. One particular company, The Forum, is able to handle both these features. Operating in Johannesburg, this team is able to cater to functions both big and small. Their venue is ideal for exhibitions, conferences, dinners, cocktail parties and wedding receptions. They even have an upmarket bar to offer.

The Forum has the benefit of being both an events and catering company. Many would say that they are able to offer their clients the best of both worlds, at an affordable rate. Clients are absolutely guaranteed excellent customer services from this particular events company. Their dedication to creating phenomenal events certainly shines through in each and every successful function. Whats more is that you can expect a consultant to always be available to assist you with all your requirements along the way. Visit and browse through their menus, past events, function features and more. You are bound to find just the service you need, at a price you can afford.

events company

Hancock Middle School students dabbling in news for current events project
HANCOCK — Seventh graders in Matt Griffith's social studies class aren't just reading current events, they're reporting them. "We have to do a newscast about current events in the world," said 12-year-old Jaron Hembroff. Griffith said this project …

Themed Events

Themed Events

Parties used to be pretty predictable things.  Some drinks, some nibbles, some music, some fancy outfits.  Perhaps a party game or two.  After a while, like anything predictable, they got boring.  So thank heavens for themed events – the modern party craze that makes today’s shindig as unique as its host’s imagination.

Themed events are to parties what Cecil B DeMille pictures were to shadow puppetry.  All-singing, all-dancing, super-lavish affairs in which attention has been paid to the tiniest detail.  Turning parties into themed events makes them an experience, rather than a simple gathering:  imagine, for example, a fully-staged Arthurian hall, complete with serving ladies, magicians, flickering torches and medieval food.  The guests are dressed in doublet and hose; real mead is being poured from metal flagons.  A band of minstrels plucks a tune in the gallery.  Themed events are like miniature plays – evening-long excursions into a fully-realised world.

We modern folk are more attuned to the idea of fantasy than perhaps we know.  Films are hyper-real, with immersive 3D and brain-boggling effects effortlessly creating impossible things in front of even the most critical audience.  TV shows create universes in which their watchers happily accept that vampires are real, or spaceships exist capable of catapulting themselves instantaneously to far-flung stars.  What themed events do is take this modern expectation for fantasy and apply it to reality.  So rather than watching a film in which (say) a 1920s ballroom is effortlessly recreated, attendees at themed events enter the ballroom itself.  People who are invited to themed events become part of the story – part of the action – and they remember those stories for a long time.

Themed events satisfy a need for escape usually serviced by film and TV.  Who, after all, wants to go stand

It’s Bush’s Fault, It’s Obama’s Fault

“Our President seems to think the gulf oil spill is more a photo op than an emergency of biblical proportion!”

The left is screaming that it’s Bush’s fault because he and Cheney were (and are) in bed with the oil companies. The right is crying about how much longer it has taken Obama to do anything about the oil spill. I agree, it has taken him far too long but not because of his nature to treat national emergencies as a photo op. President Obama has to wade through all the bureaucratic spaghetti that he, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr. and our wonderful Senators and Representatives have created.

This isn’t his fault (not wholly), it’s your’s, mine and ours. We Americans have been duped into believing that our elected officials are actually watching our backs, all the while lining their pockets and building their empire… on our backs!

Deepwater Horizon aftermath, oil pours into the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of 100-150,000 barrels each day
100-150,000 barrels pouring into the Gulf of Mexico each day

The gulf oil spill should teach us one very important lesson.  Our government has become so large and fat that it can no longer function properly in times of crisis.   The State Department acknowledges it has had 21 aid offers from 17 countries, yet the Jones Act remains in place. The administration defends its stance by citing a well-established waiver process for foreign vessels. In short, a request to U.S. Customs and Border Protection prompts an inquiry to the Maritime Administration, which leads to a search of the U.S. fleet. If an American ship can provide the same services, the request is denied. Otherwise, the foreign vessel gets a waiver.

Do you see why there’s a problem?

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