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Jay Sekulow emphasize on Religious Freedom and Constitutional Rights

Jay Sekulow emphasize on Religious Freedom and Constitutional Rights

There is evidence that the following of a religion even in the historical era differentiates people and country from one another. We, as humans, adhere to specific sets of rules and guidelines formed by the prophets of a religion. People offer prayers to align their deeds for a good cause. The citizens of every nation are imbued with the constitutional right to speak and preach their religion without any restriction and discrimination. One humble leader, who dedicated all his efforts in defending such rights is Jay Sekulow.

On September 11, 2001, hundreds of Americans & Non-Americans lost their lives and or the lives of their loved ones in a heinous act of terrorism that shattered The United States of America. According to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and Mr. Sekulow, this day will also be known as a time when every American stood together, unified and resilient for their losses. Thousands of people gather every year at Ground Zero to offer prayers of peace and solace for the souls of their loved ones.

Jay Sekulow, in respect to constitutional freedom and religious liberty, has argued several cases and the most important was that of the school students who wanted to have a Bible club in their school. In The Supreme Court, he handled and defended the case resulting in successful grant of permission to form a club. Mr. Sekulow and ACLJ were well aware of the issues related to religious freedom in Europe that can also adversely affect the United States to some extent. To protect and safeguard the interest of the people, they established their office in France as the European Court of Human Rights in order to resolve the cases of people in Europe immediately.

Jay Sekulow knows that a way to thrust aside the differences and discrimination prevailing in this society is by educating people about their

Understanding Religious and Constitutional Rights with Jay Sekulow

Understanding Religious and Constitutional Rights with Jay Sekulow

There are just a few people in our planet that have devoted their life to the service of humanity, whether it is through social services or fighting for constitutional rights. Jay Sekulow, a humble & dedicated Chief Counsel working in one of the most prestigious law firms in the United States – The American Center for Law and Justice, is one such name. He has proved with his immense contribution in the field of law that the most important things required to work for the benefits of others are –The right attitude, an in-depth knowledge and soulful courage.

Mr. Sekulow completed doctorate in American Legal History and has been honored several times throughout his career. He was named in some of the most important and prominent lists of successful people, like-:

• In the year 1994 – The most prolific attorney in America
• In the year 1997 – Dedicated legal public servant
• One of the 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America by National Law Journal

He knows the real power of education, thus he never hesitates to impart his immense knowledge to the young law students and guide them through his various successful case histories and law-practicing experience. He has a strong hold on the belief that guiding a common person about his rights is the only solution to eradicate discrimination and injustice in the community. For practically implementing this revolutionary idea, he started his weekly, national call-in radio program as well as he has accepted guests request from various TV programs.

Mr. Sekulow has expertise in defending religious liberty, constitutional freedom and tax cases. Twelve of his most important, religious and civil cases that were argued in the Supreme Court are the learning experience for the upcoming talent. He relates himself well to the

Constitutional Rubbish

Constitutional Rubbish

Americans need a civics lesson. And so do politicians. Of all the wrong and delusional thinking about the US Constitution the one that is most thoroughly incorrect and routinely used for political propaganda purposes is that there are three coequal branches of the federal government.

You hear presidents, members of Congress and media pundits say it all the time. They are wrong. Nowhere in the Constitution or the Federalist Papers is there any statement or declaration that the three branches are coequal. Why has this myth persisted for so long? Why do so many prominent and supposedly educated people keep invoking this outright lie?

Make no mistake. Either in theory or practice is there any basis whatsoever for believing that the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the federal government are coequal. It also defies common sense.

Historical analysis has always shown that the Founders, if anything, intended for Congress to be preeminent, and not the President and the executive branch. For example, only Congress has the constitutional power to remove the President and other high officers of the executive branch as well as the judiciary, but the latter cannot remove any member of Congress. And Congress has control of raising and spending government funds as well as the power to overrule any presidential attempt to veto legislation. That Congress does not always choose to fully exercise its constitutional powers does not remove them.

As to the Supreme Court and the whole judiciary, they function only as long as Congress provides funds, the executive branch provides security, and both choose to obey court decisions. More importantly, the Supreme Court does not act on its own to enforce the Constitution, even when the President and Congress disobey it, but it could.

It is time for Americans to stop and think. In what exact ways are the three branches coequal? According to the dictionary coequal means resembling each other