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Politics of Change

Politics of Change

I am not only fascinated by politics, but by the politics of change, if there is one unchanging motif that runs through the common history of man, it is that everything changes, except change itself. How we change, and its process tells us more about who we are as nations and individuals and it is that fearful but persistent change that tells us not only who we are, but who we were and perhaps who we might be. I know many have distaste to all things political, because of the common association with corruption and scandal which pervades the political society. It is true that politics unfortunately is inhabited by desperate men and women who abuse the power entrusted to them, and many of them, not all of them are circus elephants.

But does that mean one should despair with and ignore politics?

It does surprise me that when I talk to people who are by their own right apathetic towards politics, they consider it to be some new age phenomenon, or when I speak with devout religious persons who consider that politics as it is today was not apparent in the days of the Moses, Mohammed or Guru Nanak. When people ask me why I am so interested in politics, I recall my first lesson in Government and Politics when I was 16, my lecturer Mr. McSweeny, broke politics down to “who gets what says who”. Who gets what says who in society and on this planet should be a concern of everyman or woman who has a life to lead and a family to feed.

To ignore politics is to test that old French proverb ” if you do not do politics, politics will certainly do you”. As Aristotle observed, one of the many penalties of refusing to engage in politics is to allow yourself to be ruled be inferior individuals than yourself.

That is why I always pay close attention to the politics of today, simple labels immersed in complex situations always require the closest attention, lest one be girded in the whirlwind of propaganda, where the myths are legion and the truth of the

Politics And Inflation

Politics And Inflation

Across the entire country, the rising price of gas and the record setting price of a barrel of oil has been front page news for the past few weeks, if not months.

This Tuesday morning, when I first arrived at work, I was greeted with the news about a price increase in a different commodity, copper. If you haven’t been paying attention, the price of all precious metals has under gone drastic increases just in the last few weeks. Copper in and of itself is up more than 25% year to date, with the lion’s share of that increase coming within the last few weeks. Gold, silver, platinum and aluminum have all followed similar patterns.

Wednesday morning, I turned on my television just in time to hear the news that grocery prices were rising. A gallon of milk is now more expensive than a gallon of gas, and I don’t have to tell you how expensive that is.

Thursday morning there was even more bad news. The stock market had taken a severe tumble the day before, and to top it all off, the US dollar is taking a beating around world. It seems that no one wants our currency anymore.

Where am I going with this? Well, the reason that I’m telling you all of this is because it’s an election year and I want to make something perfectly clear. “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Don’t let yourself be swayed at the voting booth by political rhetoric about abortion or race or religion or gun control or any other sleight-of-hand issues. Owing a gun won’t protect you from political tyrants. There are so many guns and gun owners in the United States and little by little we’re still losing our country and our right to self-determination, not to a military coup, but to shysters and swindlers with a pen and a suit.

So I want to urge you to vote with your pocket book. The middle class in this country is shrinking and the amount of people living paycheck to paycheck keeps on growing, and yet, election after election we let ourselves be side-tracked by political

Politics As Usual!

Politics As Usual!

I had intended to remain neutral in my opinions and postings on the presidential campaign, since I don’t believe either candidate is much of a choice. But, with the article below and the Bill O’Reilly attack on Obama last night, I have changed my mind. It seems that McCain, as with Bush against Kerry, four years ago, can have his henchmen attack, in a low-life manner, Obama whenever he so desires, and, of course, he will then deny any involvement. However, when the tables are turned, then of course McCain cries foul. McCain’s campaign spokesman, Tucker Bounds, was interviewed, just yesterday, by CNN’s Campbell Brown, and the McCain campaign is, once again, crying foul.

Yesterday, Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds appeared on CNN for an interview with Campbell Brown. Brown was tough on Bounds, refusing to let him spout typical campaign talking points. She repeatedly pressed him on Palin’s foreign policy experience and qualifications, asking him to name one decision that she made as commander-in-chief of the Alaskan National Guard. Bounds was unable to do so.

Today, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer revealed that because of that tough interview, the McCain campaign has canceled the senator’s appearance on Larry King Live tonight:

The McCain campaign said it believed that exchange was over the line and as a result the interview scheduled for Larry King Live with Sen. McCain was pulled. CNN does not believe that Campbell’s interview was over the line. We are committed to fair coverage of both sides of this historic election.

First of all, I could care less about Palin. It’s her boss that worries me! Four years ago, all I heard from the Bush campaign was “swift-boat” rhetoric about John Kerry. John Kerry, had served in Viet Nam, been wounded and decorated, while George W couldn’t find his drunken way back to the national guard base where he, once or twice a week, had to show up for duty. Now it’s McCain with his overworked and

Politics and Christianity

Politics and Christianity

A coworker recently approached me expressing grave concern with regards to the upcoming presidential election. He was quite concerned about the direction this country is going. This is quite understandable, but I believe this for different reasons than he does. I want to take a look at this today from both my personal thoughts and then a Biblical perspective.


I think their is a vast void of true leadership and integrity in Washington. Both presidential candidates are poor choices for America. I read a joke today which goes, “If both parties presidential and vice-presidential candidates we in a boat that capsized, who would be saved?” Answer: “America.”

These two candidates are the symptom of the two party system sickness which plagues America. Do your really want change in America? Do you really want to make a difference? Do you really want your vote to count? If the answer is yes, then vote Third Party! I do not care which one, just pick one. Whatever you do, do not vote for one of the major parties, and you will change America.


Biblically we need to remember three things:

We are not to worry- Do not worry about tomorrow- does that sound familiar. The old slogan, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is halfway Biblical. Worrying is a sin, it is unhealthy, and it produces nothing, so knock it off.

God Sets Up Rulers- Yes we vote, but God is very clear that he puts the rulers on the thrones. So knowing that whoever we get is God appointed for one reason or another should give us peace. God has a plan far greater and deeper than we can ever comprehend. So on election night, don’t stay up and wait for the results. Just go to bed and rest assured that whoever God wants in office, he will be in office.

God Is In Control- Do you remember the Twila Paris song? God Is In Control. Listen to it a few times. God is in control of everything, and God works out everything for good for those who love him. Do

Politics For Beginners

Politics For Beginners

I am amazed by some of the people whom I encounter every day who do not know anything about politics. Everyone should know how their government works so I am writing down my old college notes as a beginner’s guide. As it’s the credit crunch some of you will feel too busy and confused by the political situation and the criticism of the government on financial and borrowing matters. This is why everyone should take a little time to understand government rolls and why they affect everything from your home insurance to your grocery bill.

The United Kingdom is run with a democratic government. The House of Commons and The House of Lords hold the government in check although the House of Commons is the more powerful of the two houses.

We live under ‘Prime Ministerial’ rule – this means the rule of one person.
The powers that the P.M has depends on five key factors.

– The personality of the P.M
– Majority that the P.M has in the House of Commons
– The success of the P.M’s policies
– The unity of the P.M’s party
– The effectiveness of the Opposition party

Unlike in America where there is a deputy president, in the UK there is constitutionally no such role as a deputy Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is the leader of the House of Commons. He appoints and dismisses members of the government. He is also the Chairman of the Cabinet. The Prime Minister has his own offices and advisors and is the most important representative of the Government. The P.M holds wide powers of patronage and also chooses the date of the general election.

Now for a bit of economics. There is no excuse not to pay attention to this part if news coverage of the credit crunch has left you baffled. Economics basically means the study of using scarce resources as efficiently as possible so that society’s unlimited demands for goods and services can be met.

The term that we so often hear in the news ‘the public sector’