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Did the Democrats take the high road?

When if comes to the dems, do they care about the clear truth, or is it just  something they say to play to their, furthering insane, base?

WTF has happened?

Do you realize that EVERYONE with an iota of common sense realizes you only care about maintaining power of the SCOTUS so you can legislate from the bench!!! IDIOTS, your blue wave is lost. TY for showing how far you will go to get your ends. You have no limits.

They believe there will be a blue wave, but after this dishonest slander-fest against a good man, the lunacy against Ted Cruz while simply trying to have a meal ( good job idiots, you screwed the restaurant owner) in  some absurd attempt to do what? Change minds?  ALL YOU DID WAS MAKE MORE PEOPLE HATE YOU!!!

WTF do the Dems stand for?

The American people, as a whole, see you for what you are! You only care to protect your power, nothing more. You have no ideas, you no longer represent the people, you are only concerned with flatulence… which makes perfect sense since you have become the biggest farts in any room.

All I see is divisiveness and hate!!!  This is not the party of the people anymore!!!  YOU SUCK!!!


Tell me I’m wrong!

I’m done with the swamp!

First: I’m a Libertarian

I am so sick of the swamp showing themselves to be exactly what Trump claimed them to be.  Keep in mind that I voted for Johnson because, well, I hold true to my beliefs.

With that said – I cannot, in good conscience, be silent on just how dumbfucked (sorry) the resist Trump herd has become. Seriously!

The left, no… the Marxists, have become so obviously insane that anyone who believes a blue wave is coming better seek medical help. How can anyone with a brain believe the nonsense at this point?

Trump said “MS13 are animals” and CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYT, WaPo, among many others,  claimed he called all immigrants “animals”!  Are you tired of being lied to yet?

I am now a dues paying Libertarian that will vote R down the line.  Wanna bet that blue wave turns into a puddle?


Political Forums – What You Need To Know

Political Forums – What You Need To Know

There is many choices on the web and the best  political forums are those where you feel comfortable knowing you may express your views and could become involved in positive arguments with your fellow members without being personally attacked. The discussion board can have an active membership with regular new posts and people available for discussion. There will probably be a variety of new threads opened at least on a weekly basis. Politics is a fast paced subject and nobody wishes to belong to a community forum, political or otherwise that nobody posts in.


When you join a new membership webpage always be sure to understand the rules and abide by them.  Otherwise you can find your very own posts being deleted and in severe cases you could be asked to leave.  Have a read through the posts to see if the threads become an interesting dialogue or merely an argument – the web version of a shouting match.  Political forums are by definition someplace where people will go to argue.  So it’s good not to be extremely sensitive about the replies one of your own posts could get.  However, if the particular person answering has launched a personal attack on you as opposed to entering into a positive argument, you should not respond in kind. It is best to inform a moderator or the forum owner who should handle the issue.


Politics covers such a diverse range of topics that it is possible to be a Democrat yet hold really different views on a particular issue to a fellow Democrat.  Fortunately we live in a culture that promotes freedom of speech and provides you a chance to talk about your very own outlook without fear of punishment.  But sometimes people take advantage of this freedom particularly in web political forums where they can register without revealing their true identity.  They can hide behind their call handle and make use of the membership website as a way to vent extreme point of views.   A well moderated community forum will normally do their best to stamp out this sort of behavior.

To read additional articles about the misadventures that can arise as a result of discussions in political forums, or to participate in problem-solving focused discussions about today’s issues, join us on our website:

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