Sound Currency, the Federal Reserve and a Libertarian’s Call to Action

Republicans and Democrats who knew nothing of the system and kept feeding the paper beast.

By focusing on money and its proper management will allow most libertarians to rally behind a principle which many of us hold true; the principle is that all of us, both individually and collectively, need to be self-sufficient. We, as a nation, cannot be self-sufficient when we continue to pump money, i.e. inflation, into a bloviated monetary system. Furthermore, the very nature of our banking system is based on inflation and fraud via a Federal Reserve protected fractional-reserve banking system. For the only reason we can ‘afford’ our foreign interventions, massive welfare state, and environmentally suicidal system is by trillions of dollars in non-backed currency, currency which was truly created ‘out of thin air.’

It is only after we have a sound money system that we can truly take a look at what money we have coming in and the extent of our liabilities going out. I do have some hope for the future considering that Ron Paul was recently placed in charge of the Subcommittee which oversees the Federal Reserve and he recently introduced HR 459, The Federal Reserve Transparency Act, aka Audit the Fed Bill. Additionally Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, introduced the same bill in the Senate as S. 202.

For our nation to survive, we must support Ron and Rand Paul in auditing and then ultimately dismantling the Federal Reserve System. Let us, as a party, stand united around true fiscal discipline and self sufficiency. Central Banking and fiat currency has been the noose under which our Republic’s neck rests, fought against by our Founders, and then abdicated in 1913. As Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr. opined upon the Federal Reserve Act passage in 1913, “from now on, depressions will be scientifically created.”

Your friend in Liberty,
Thomas M. Brophy

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