Fair Access Constitutional Amendment

Put a fast acting Truth-in-Advertising venue in politics. Create a penalty system for politicians who lie about their credentials with extra penalties for those who lie about their opponents. If you lie about yourself or make a false claim about yourself or an organization you support. You are fined a minimum of x and if you do it about your opponent, then a minimum of x plus five times x shall be awarded to your opponent, plus attorney’s fees. Loser always pays all the attorney fees and the filing fees, by the wording in this constitutional amendment.

Each election venue shall appoint a judicial panel of 7 unbiased, non-partisan lawyers to immediately hear cases as they are brought forth. Any candidate, who attacks their opponent within 7 days of an election, except in an answer to a complaint in the election court, shall suffer disqualification, if validated by the election court. Candidates, who have been found guilty of a previous gross violation of attacking an opponent, shall have to post a $ 500,000 cash bond in escrow before being eligible for any future Federal Election, by the wording in this constitutional amendment.

Editors Note: Remember that our Congressmen don’t actually right their own legislation. That is primarily done by lobbyists. Our Congressional Representatives seldom read the reads they vote upon. Therefore we also support an additional organization that focuses on getting Congressional Representatives to Read the bills they vote on and keep each bill to one subject.

Ron Bartels, Ph.D., is the Publisher-in-Chief of Justice Times.com – Email ron@justicetimes.com

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