Fair Access Constitutional Amendment

electronic viewing at all times. Neither Senator nor Representative may cast a vote unless the Senator or Representative has certified that they have completely read the bill in question.

Section Six: All funds, received by politicians shall be from lawful voters within their own State, in the Case of Senators, and within their own Congressional District if a Congressional Representative. Person making such donation shall be fully disclosed. Size of contribution shall be fully disclosed regardless of size.

Donations above $ 5000.00* per person or $ 10,000* per family shall require a financial disclosure statement. There should be a minimum fine of 5 times the amount donated for deceptive financial disclosure statements. We will need to organize a group to propose such an agreement as a model. While putting a cap on contributions seems on the surface to be a good idea, lobbyists have always found ways to seek additional legislation that enables them to purchase influence. *These can different but are just suggested to get the ball rolling.

Since we need to preserve freedom of speech, but eliminate the influence of campaign cash, let us state that there will be no limit on campaign donation of individuals. Entities cannot make contributions to political candidates or parties under this constitutional amendment.

No entity other than a lawful resident or lawful voter may make a campaign contribution. The will be no limit to size of donation. The power of disclosure will reveal what voters want to know.

Entities may support defined issues but not link to any political candidate. All contributions shall be fully disclosed, by the wording in this constitutional amendment.

Section Seven: Pork-Barrel Funding – Each Pork Barrel Project (or ear-mark) must be contained in a separate bill, by the wording in this constitutional amendment.

Section Eight: Reduce the dirt in politics.

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