Fair Access Constitutional Amendment


The Congress shall define lawful resident. A lawful resident and a lawful voter are different statues. A lawful resident is counted for purposes of population and census. A lawful voter shall be able to vote without registration but by presentation of State Issued tamper-resistant proof of voting rights. The definition applies equally in all States. Each State shall have to power to issue valid, tamper-proof authentication of lawful residence so long as the voter meets the Federal definition lawful resident. No State may charge any fee whatsoever for this authentication. No voter shall be required to register to vote but can vote merely by presentation of State Issued Validation with a right to vote.

There shall not be term limits as the voters have the right to decide who comes and who goes. It will be easy for voters to meet at the State level with their Congressional Representatives. It will be difficult for Lobbyists to cover the Congressional Representative Slates in all 50 States so the balance of influence will transfer from the lobbyists to the people.

Each slate shall be comprised of the 3 highest vote getters, in each Congressional District, regardless of political party affiliation or lack thereof. This will increase the diversity. Each voter can choose their 3 favorite candidates so that voters can impact the Congressional Representation of their district every two years.

Section Three: Senators and Representatives shall have no secret meetings with lobbyists. All meetings with Lobbyists shall be video recorded and posted as soon as possible and/or live streamed. The people must be permitted to observe all actions of the lawfully elected agents.

Section Four: All meetings and debates shall take place via live media methodology from the official offices of the Congressional and Senatorial delegation.

Section Five: All legislation shall be posted for

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