Republican Values

allies abroad. His persistence made an international disaster for the United States thereby alienating us from a good portion of the world. The Bush philosophy on foreign policy has held a standard for most Republicans throughout the last few decades. Consequently, GOP foreign policy could quite possibly send the United States into a further downward spiral.

With all the coverage of Republican political scandals, it should be blatantly obvious the hypocrisy at hand. Constant lies and misguided judgment tainted a long standing precious party image. Currently, GOP support has rightfully declined due to moral hypocrisy and grave inadequacy. The American people do not take lightly such consistent discrepancies. Either the Republican Party is going to reconfigure their platform or suffer long term effects.

Is Trump destroying the Republican Party?
Donald trump is bad news. If the Republican Party selects Donald Trump as their nominee for the president of these United States of America, in my humble opinion, he will not become the 45th president. He does not have the experience, the temperament, …
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