Republican Values

Republican Values

Since the Republican Party’s inception during the early 1850s, strong morals and values have been emphasized. Support for the abolishment of slavery fueled the origin of this new political club. Their platform was rather simple at the time stressing human rights, religion, and family values. As social culture changed and national policy became more complex, the party maintained their core political platform. However, an unraveling of such issues are now ever so apparent. It appears as though the party is close to experiencing a record decline in support from the American people. How long will the Republican Party survive with increasingly unbelievable views?

One of the issues they constantly support is biblically based morals and values. For example, homosexuality is a well covered topic within the GOP. According to the bible it is against God’s laws for a man to be with another man. Of course the interpretation has been of a sexual nature. For decades this has been one of the foremost party issues on the political agenda. The Republican Party constantly scrutinizes the homosexual community to a point of shameful slander. However, members inside the GOP claiming to represent these impeccable values continue to engage in hypocritical acts. Recent events have happened with members of the Republican Party that illustrate this fact. A clear example is Senator Larry Craig and his reported sex scandal. All the while he was said to be a devout Republican and has now participated in homosexual solicitation. Anyone can see an obvious pattern of hypocrisy inside the GOP.

Another topic popular to the Republican agenda is their infringing and dominating foreign policy. It is aggressive, intrusive, and thoroughly offensive to other nations. Also it serves as an utter embarrassment for our citizens and country. The present situation in Iraq has brought many countries to resent the United States. Our President’s approach was arrogant as well as insulting to

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