US Constitution

US Constitution

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It is a carefully thought out document. Inspired men, who were raised up for this very purpose, were able to come together at The Constitutional Convention and write the document.

Because it is such a well written document, many people consider the constitution to be sacred. Unlike many countries constitutions, the US Constitution cannot be changed easily. It requires a two thirds majority in the house and the senate or to be ratified by three fourths of the states through constitutional convention. The constitution can only be amended. The original document cannot be changed. The purpose of which is to preserve the document and the rights of the citizens.

The Purpose of the Constitution

The purpose of the constitution is to preserve liberty for the people. Many governments, over the years, have severely abused their power. The US Constitution gives a person the right to free speech, to bear arms, against unreasonable search and seizure, against unlawful detainer, the right to vote, and the right to representation by someone elected. Through the ten amendments people also have the right to privacy, the right to a speedy trial and a trial by jury. There are also other rights not mentioned here.

Getting it Right

It took a while to get the constitution right. The first constitution was called The Articles of Confederation. It got some inspiration from a much older document called the Magna Carta. James Madison, the father of the constitution, wrote lengthy articles in favor of the constitution to encourage the states to ratify it. These documents are called The Federalist Papers. They were also written by John Jay and Alexander Hamilton.

Many of the founding fathers were attorneys. In fact, some had graduated from Yale and Harvard. Others were merchants and tradesmen and there was one farmer.

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