The New Catch Phrase: Constitutional Fetish

to get the bill – which they hadn’t even read – passed. Big mistake. People embraced the Constitution even more tightly.

Not a problem for the Progressive cabal; now they wonder aloud what this new “fetish” for the Constitution means, and why we right-wingers care so much. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a fetish is defined as –  b : an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion.

That is critical, because it signifies that the Left views the document responsible for this great nation’s rise to prominence as irrational, and to revere that document as obsessive. They would prefer to toss it aside like an old novel and move on (pardon the pun), and take this country in a new direction.

Sound familiar? It should. The Democrats slogan leading up to the 2006 elections that swept them into power was “A New Direction for America”. And in 2008, the Obama campaign was all about “change”. Since then, we have gotten both, and all it’s done is to drive more and more people back to the Founding document. The left calls that “going backward”. Glenn Beck has a better description.

Beck portrays it as simply going back far enough to see where we left the tracks, and restart on the one that gave us the best success. I agree, and it is something we are still capable of doing, so long as we don’t let the bullies make us cry.

Daniel James Wood is the author of Boomer, a political thriller available on and a recreational writer commenting on the political landscape at Sanity Sentinel.

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