States United States Air Force Lift Discount Universal Crisis – The Country The United States, Air

The so-called “discount air” is air-conditioning business in the season before the arrival of the way with a cash payment from the high-volume futures air conditioning manufacturers to significantly promotional price in the market

Sell . Since this approach allows manufacturers to quickly purchase back section, businesses can get maximum discount purchase price, so consumers get cheap air-conditioning.

It is reported that since April this year, Guangzhou, China to promote the whole U.S. market at their own money to subsidize air conditioning. According to its internal staff disclosed that the United States this year, Guangzhou, China plans to subsidize the air-conditioning season to air on more than 50 million yuan in cash, plus gifts, Guangzhou, China the United States only “discount air” and none other will be more than 100 million yuan.

News from GOME Appliance Marketplace Was informed that the country with the United States donated more electricity, the United States between now and the country can be obtained throughout the year to buy air-conditioning electricity. Buy Guiji States United States sent 300 yuan electricity; purchase hang States United States sent 100 tariff.

Industry believes that the term discount previously more common in some special sectors of state support to the “discount” loans, this approach is applied to GOME Appliance to consumption, the main benefit to consumers is the greatest benefits.

Preferential continue to increase Order to meet the “cooling section,” the arrival of the United States Guangzhou, China buy a gift back to normal, back to the current number of regular activities such as using air conditioning, refrigerator surprise the two way interaction between both hands again, the impact of 51 postganglionic air conditioners, refrigerators appliance market share, for ushering in another refrigeration appliances tired consumption peak.

Gome store manager, told

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