States United States Air Force Lift Discount Universal Crisis – The Country The United States, Air

States United States Air Force Lift Discount Universal Crisis – The Country The United States, Air
Recently, Guangzhou States United States The successful completion of 51 Golden Week During the “peak achievement, merit-” activities, and obtained results that shocked the industry again after homeopathic moving, heavy launch unprecedented cooling section, as the Rams sent Rushu consumer’s cool again.

Maximum benefit of consumers Consumer Electronics Association world famous experts, with the temperature rising rapidly, consumer refrigerators,

Washing machine , Air conditioning And other sharp rise in demand for white goods. This reporter recently learned that the United States in Guangzhou China, “Refrigerator

Air Conditioning Festival “will be opened the curtain this weekend. Then, Gome stores in Guangzhou will be for 23 air conditioners, refrigerators products carry substantially let,

Promotions Activities. More than 20 refrigerators, air conditioners commodities
Brand , The million crazy introduced special models, some in the Chinese home appliances market, prices have been firm in the joint venture brand, also will join the national U.S. manufacturers to promote their brand commodity prices.

The country the U.S. is concerned, by the large-scale activities to further promote their cooperation with manufacturers to obtain a greater market share. The consumers, get lower prices, better service and more benefits. Evaluation of the industry is the country the United States, this is to lead the country’s refrigeration ice wash product trends, seize market opportunities. Then again after the Golden Week to get more air-conditioning and

Refrigerator market. Discount air Chengxin Chong
Wu Bo, general manager of the Guangdong branch
Gome said that to meet the “cooling section,” the arrival of Gome already prepared a lot of air conditioning resources, which play the “discount air” brand, to return to the country for many years the United States support and love of the consumers.

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