On Progressive Relaxation

On Progressive Relaxation

Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation (aka how to really relax and get the subconscious functioning properly) is now available at itunes and emusic. Troy Coolon LLC’s project “Coul Notes” is several years in the making. Troy Coolon LLC finally releases Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation in digital format via a .mp3 format.

This product in particular was tested by Troy Coulon himself and works “wonders for the subtle body.” Coul notes, the product line, was test marketed on ebay in the CD format and received positive reviews. People said the Coul Notes 1: Billionaire Scriptures product which is nine minute piece is “like a prayer” and Coul Notes 14 is certainly a form of meditation. It can be found, in its entirety, on amazon.com, soon.

Troy Coolon LLC recognizes quality when he sees it and his form of Robin Hood Theory rolls over fences and does include the blessing of Abraham which states” I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.”  It goes on to state that “my enemies will flee from me in seven directions.” Both of these quotes, from the bible originally, is found in Coul Notes 1.

Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation, blew my mind. Sometimes it gives me energy, a second wind. Sometimes, it makes me really relax and “let go of the tension.” Got tension, got stress, got relaxation issues, feel tight? Coul Notes 14: On Progressive Relaxation is the perfect solution. Troy Coulon again satisfies timeless need for relaxation. It does wonders for relationships, our human bodies, and more. Coulon provides a valuable service for busy people or people who would rather listen than read and in this case truly relax.  In this particular edition of Coul Notes, however, one can say thee actor (Rhinoceros, Stone, Eminem: Where Have You Been) who has performed for millions goes “the extra mile.”

“We hope you enjoy the meditation and i’m glad someone pointed that out to me (the prayer) because I did not come to

Federal Court Refuses to Review 2005 Attack On Independent Candidates – Oregon

Federal Court Refuses to Review 2005 Attack On Independent Candidates – Oregon

Political parties did not exist in 1787; nor, are they mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Despite this, the newly-created electorate rapidly fragmented.

By the time Oregon joined the Union, parties defined American political life. Chief among their tools: The right to decide who got the privilege of running for political office.

Hardly democratic.

Even a basic understanding of that term supports the notion that choosing the various candidates is at least as important as choosing the eventual winner.

In 1904, tired of the “Tweedledee-Tweedledum” general elections offered by the party bosses, Oregonians initiated the Direct Primary Law, allowing voters, not political conventions, to determine the nominees. The law also allowed electors to both vote in their party’s primary and sign the nominating petition of “any independent or nonpartisan candidate.”

After all, if my main concern is, say, the unhealthy influence of money on state and federal elections, and, if those at the top of my state party’s slate don’t share that focus, why shouldn’t I be allowed to help choose who represents me in the legislature, and, then throw my support behind an independent gubernatorial or Presidential candidate scared of dollars, too.

Or, what if the nominee dies before the general election and my neighbor is dissatisfied with the replacement chosen by her party’s central committee? Why shouldn’t she be free seek an independent candidate more in sync with her views?

If you run the parties, the answers are obvious – allowing individuals to stray from the reservation, as it were, reduces your power.


Since 1904, Oregon’s political parties have belonged to the voters; not, the other way around.

Unfortunately, the people who write the elections laws can’t claim the same independence. These legislators naturally support electoral machinery that guarantees their bloc’s success.

Unfortunately, for them,

The New Catch Phrase: Constitutional Fetish

The New Catch Phrase: Constitutional Fetish

Liberals – now to be referred to as “Progressives” because Liberals no longer liked the negative connotation of the word “liberal” – have been scared witless (I know, I know) by the sudden truculence of the people. As they marched onward with their radical plans to transform America into their Socialist Utopia, those formerly passive people were either unaware or indifferent, perhaps refusing to believe the reality of what was afoot.

No longer. With the rise of the former Speaker of the House to the election of Barack Hussein Obama, people finally saw and realized the full extent of what the Progressives were attempting to do. And they rose up, loudly.

The response from the left – both politicians and pundits – was a defiant one in which they attempted to ridicule and belittle the new opposition, and it almost worked. If not for the relentless work of the Tea Party and similar groups, combined with a brave new crop of political nubiles unafraid to embrace the new ferocity, the Left may have succeeded.

There were many different attacks from the new “Obama Movement” on us. There was the “gun-toting, Bible-clinging” intended insult, which seems a strange position for an allegedly devout Christian like Barack Obama. The very people at whom that barb was hurled, however, instead caught and embraced it proudly. Obama even denigrated middle Americans for having American flags on their pickup trucks. Again, the response from middle Americans was, “Damn right”!

Deeply held American values, generations old and passed down from parents, were suddenly the object of ridicule. The Left tried to pass such traditions off as old and archaic. We weren’t buying.

During the lead up to the passage of Obama Care, when constituents demanded of their representatives to know the Constitutional authority of Congress to ram it down our throats, some said that they didn’t care about that document. They said it was too imperative

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Senator Feingold Has Constitutional Opportunity

Senator Feingold Has Constitutional Opportunity

Like others promoting constitutional amendments, Senator Russ Feingold, Democrat, Wisconsin, apparently is unaware of the refusal by Congress to obey Article V of the Constitution. He has a fine idea: every senator must actually be elected rather than appointed to that position. In 1913 the 17th amendment created the potential for governors to make appointments to fill Senate seats until the next regular scheduled general election and 38 states allow this; there have been 185 such appointments. Feingold is right to condemn “decisions being made solely by the powerful, without the consent, or even the input, of the people.”

Congress is unlikely to propose the desired new amendment, however. All of the existing constitutional amendments were proposed by Congress. But many worthwhile ones have never been proposed and sent to the states for ratification. There is an alternative. Article V provides a convention route for proposing amendments. Interest in amendments has triggered over 700 applications from state legislatures to Congress for a convention of state delegates that could propose constitutional amendments. However an amendment is proposed, it still must be ratified by three fourths of the states and the constitutional limitations on Congress limiting it to propose amendments to our present constitution equally apply to a convention.

Senator Feingold and his amendment supporters from both parties, including Senators John McCain and Richard J. Durbin, Representatives James Sensenbrenner and David Dreier, and House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr., know how difficult it has been for Congress to have the courage to propose amendments that could provide needed government reforms despite wide public support, such as a balanced budget amendment and one replacing the Electoral College with direct voting for the president.

Sadly, few Americans know that Congress has stubbornly refused to obey Article V and honor the fact that the

States United States Air Force Lift Discount Universal Crisis – The Country The United States, Air

States United States Air Force Lift Discount Universal Crisis – The Country The United States, Air
Recently, Guangzhou States United States The successful completion of 51 Golden Week During the “peak achievement, merit-” activities, and obtained results that shocked the industry again after homeopathic moving, heavy launch unprecedented cooling section, as the Rams sent Rushu consumer’s cool again.

Maximum benefit of consumers Consumer Electronics Association world famous experts, with the temperature rising rapidly, consumer refrigerators,

Washing machine , Air conditioning And other sharp rise in demand for white goods. This reporter recently learned that the United States in Guangzhou China, “Refrigerator

Air Conditioning Festival “will be opened the curtain this weekend. Then, Gome stores in Guangzhou will be for 23 air conditioners, refrigerators products carry substantially let,

Promotions Activities. More than 20 refrigerators, air conditioners commodities
Brand , The million crazy introduced special models, some in the Chinese home appliances market, prices have been firm in the joint venture brand, also will join the national U.S. manufacturers to promote their brand commodity prices.

The country the U.S. is concerned, by the large-scale activities to further promote their cooperation with manufacturers to obtain a greater market share. The consumers, get lower prices, better service and more benefits. Evaluation of the industry is the country the United States, this is to lead the country’s refrigeration ice wash product trends, seize market opportunities. Then again after the Golden Week to get more air-conditioning and

Refrigerator market. Discount air Chengxin Chong
Wu Bo, general manager of the Guangdong branch
Gome said that to meet the “cooling section,” the arrival of Gome already prepared a lot of air conditioning resources, which play the “discount air” brand, to return to the country for many years the United States support and love of the consumers.