Who Are the Smartest People in the United States?

decisions made over the past decades by the leaders of our government our financial system and our industry. It’s ultimately our responsibility because we the citizens, stock holders and consumers allowed it to happen with our votes, our purchases, and our compliance. It’s time to hold them accountable, it’s time to get a measure of their ability to lead, it’s time that we ask; What’s your SUS score?

Kerry Grinkmeyer The Best of the US LLC

Kerry is the owner and developer of http://www.BestofUS.com, and http://www.SmartestofUS.com Both sites are dedicated to the recognition of intellectual and professional excellence. BestofUS.com lists over 60,000 of the best professional service providers in 10 professions. SmartestofUS.com strives to identify the smartest people in the United States while promoting our individual intelligence as the U.S’s greatest asset.

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