Politics and Christianity

Politics and Christianity

A coworker recently approached me expressing grave concern with regards to the upcoming presidential election. He was quite concerned about the direction this country is going. This is quite understandable, but I believe this for different reasons than he does. I want to take a look at this today from both my personal thoughts and then a Biblical perspective.


I think their is a vast void of true leadership and integrity in Washington. Both presidential candidates are poor choices for America. I read a joke today which goes, “If both parties presidential and vice-presidential candidates we in a boat that capsized, who would be saved?” Answer: “America.”

These two candidates are the symptom of the two party system sickness which plagues America. Do your really want change in America? Do you really want to make a difference? Do you really want your vote to count? If the answer is yes, then vote Third Party! I do not care which one, just pick one. Whatever you do, do not vote for one of the major parties, and you will change America.


Biblically we need to remember three things:

We are not to worry- Do not worry about tomorrow- does that sound familiar. The old slogan, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is halfway Biblical. Worrying is a sin, it is unhealthy, and it produces nothing, so knock it off.

God Sets Up Rulers- Yes we vote, but God is very clear that he puts the rulers on the thrones. So knowing that whoever we get is God appointed for one reason or another should give us peace. God has a plan far greater and deeper than we can ever comprehend. So on election night, don’t stay up and wait for the results. Just go to bed and rest assured that whoever God wants in office, he will be in office.

God Is In Control- Do you remember the Twila Paris song? God Is In Control. Listen to it a few times. God is in control of everything, and God works out everything for good for those who love him. Do

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