Body Language in American Politics

he is often displaying such a form of body language.

Former President Ronald Reagan and the Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev had important matters to discuss at summit. There were times when they did not agree. However, when they did agree, their body language showed it. At such times, they would face each other. They would also sit in similar postures.

A Republican pollster, R. Teeter, did an experiment about body language in politics. He showed people visual footage of politicians campaigning. They were doing their usual speech-making, hand shaking, and the rest. There was no sound, only video.

As it turned out, those who had only the body language of the candidates to read rated them the same way as those who knew their politics and views. It was shown that a lot is determined about choice of candidate by body language alone.

Body language has played a part in American politics and will continue to do so. As long as American people can see who they’re voting for, they will watch as much as they will listen. Thanks to body language, leaders are easier to judge. It is better to read body language from those who are in the public eye. Many of these leaders gives a new meaning to “jugde a book by its cover”, literally. Making decisions on a persons body language is more important than words speaking. Visit [] and find more stuff that translate to you.

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