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United States

The United States was not really united when it formed as a country. Citizens considered themselves more a part of their particular state than to the federal government. Therefore, we had what some call the Civil War or the War Between the States. The appellation that the war was “between the states” is probably more correct. The Southern States seceded from the United States to form individual countries. Their confederation made no pretense to replicate a country. It was only a way for these several individual states to fight a war. After, the end of that war the United States became more important than the individual states. If each state had remained independent, not one state would now be better off than as part of a united country.

People of the United States, rightly or wrongly, have strong feelings about specific issues. This article’s purpose is not to express an opinion such as: abortion or gay marriage. Its purpose is to point out that these issues motivate strong feelings; however, there are far more important issues that must be considered. There are health care issues, which will affect everyone sooner or later. Every religion, especially Christianity requires followers to aid the less advantaged. Jesus regularly preached that. How about the immorality of giving aid to people in Iraq and Afghanistan, but cutting back on aid to the less advantaged in the United States?

The point is that supporting a candidate on a single issue is wrong. Having strong feelings about abortion, but ignoring far more threatening issues such as a war, shows a lack of true concern. Those elected must discern that we object to paying the highest prices in the world for medicines that are made within the United States.

Another major point concerns the need to maintain balance in the U.S. at the Federal level. A one political party government has no controls. The ruling party does what it likes. Look at the twenty years of Democratic rule during the Roosevelt administration. The New Deal got just what it wanted, overriding the Republicans. Rightly or wrongly, the U.S. then got into another world war. Too many Americans were killed regaining our Pacific lands lost to Japan or defending our seaways to England. Congress needs to have at least one house in the other party’s hand – no matter how we feel about that party. The current local candidate may be the best one, but if he/she is a Republican, notice that much of the time Republicans vote without using their brains. They vote as the Republican Party dictates. Look in the media to see all the corruption and poor actions by incompetent Republicans who were appointed without question or opposition.

Americans need to unite in looking beyond less crucial issues to the critical issues or there may be no issues to concern ourselves within the future. It is possible to lose the United Sates.

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