United States foreign policy – Why it will take USA to doomsday?

United States foreign policy – Why it will take USA to doomsday?

As much as the Obama administration can make noises on its foreign relations and the United States foreign policy, the fact remains that Sen Obama has made little difference to the lives of the common man in the short presidential tenure. Worse still, if early indications are to be believed, there are no signs of improvement either.

Here are some hard facts

1. Troops from Iraq are yet to be pulled out. America has now spent close to what it had spent during the cold war on this bloody war.

2. Osama Bin Laden still remains to be an ellusive force. The brain behind the 9-11 attacks is still at large, as Sen Obama is caught in a severe log jam with a rather incompetent government and a strong Taliban militia.

3. An indifferent foreign policy towards China and India. These Asian majors would do really well in terms of economy alone, if US were to realize its true potential. India, in particular, has got so much to offer to the US of A, that the recession under which it is reeling in, would alleviate to a great extent.

Let us face it

If Iraq and Pakistan are two places where the United States of America is focussing its foreign military operations, it is time US realizes – It is a waste. In Iraq, the United States of America has to know it has already done its bit by eliminating the danger posed by Saddam Hussein. If Iraqi locals want the US to move out of the country, what is the problem? I know Sen Obama might say, and Bush has said this during his tenure that in doing so, they could risk political instability. But isn’t US of A facing greater instability, economically, within?

Pakistan surely has to be the last place on mother earth that the US Government needs on its list. Why does the US government continue pounding in Millions of dollars to this failed state? Did Pres. Bush not do the same when he was in power? What is Sen Obama trying to achieve here? Any talks of Pakistan helping United States of America trying to find Osama Bin Laden (Which seems to be the only motive), is a mere eyewash. Pakistan will never do that, and even if the top brass of Pakistan intends in doing so, the army and the hardliners will not allow it so.

These points mentioned, it must be said that even a dime spent by the United States of America any longer on these countries in specific, will go waste. Look at the turmoil we have here. Companies are being shut, people are losing their jobs and homes. It is time Sen Obama to look inwards and clean up the mess. Unfortunately, you will not be able to make any improvement unless you make a conscious effort to improve the conditions of people staying in the US of A.

This cannot be done if you send troops to Iraq or pledge 55 Billion Dollars to the Pakistani government to fight terrorism!!

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