Modern Warfare In The News

Modern Warfare In The News

The is a general lack of coverage of wars today. Some may claim it is because the same people who profit from the wars (construction companies, other contractors), control or influence the companies that own the media. Whether this is true, or not I do not know, though it is certainly possible.
What is obvious is certain news organizations have biases towards certain political parties. For example Fox news is was more biased towards the Republican candidate in the 2008 election. Perhaps, they are biased towards whomever is in power. MSNBC was more biased to the Democratic Candidate, Barak Oboma. not only do they support certain parties, but they make fun of each other for supporting a particular party.
Because today’s news organizations are biased in politics, they would obviously be biased in reports of war as well. Political success often depends on military success. News organizations are also biased towards nationalities, in order to gain international support for their own country, as opposed to the enemy’s. The only way to get unbiased knowledge of a war or conflict is a complete Military and War Information Source. By seeing everyone’s opinions and brodcasts, you can decide for youself what is going on in a conflict.
Besides the media, direct footage from the troops is also a good source of information. Troop footage of war can provide a direct and unfiltered look at a war or military conflict. The troops use their own personal cameras to film what they see, and directly upload it to the Internet, so there is no large corporate filter.
Though it can be difficult to find a trustworthy source of information when it comes to military issues, a thorough search of online military resources can yield the information you seek. Check sources on both sides of the conflict, as well as independent sources, and your should be able to draw a reasonable and unbiased conclusion.

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