american issues public opinion peacemaker us goverment oil spill

american issues public opinion peacemaker us goverment oil spill

You like sharing videos? You have an opinion about American Issues?

By Peter Francis

There is a brand new site that addresses some of the hotest American Political issues, and it is done via VIDEO. Street Rebuttal is a unique forum built with a very common tool –online video.

You can respond to current civic, social and legal affairs, right there on the site, and it has incredible potential to affect change, give power to the masses and turn up the volume of our voices.

We all know that the common denominator that unites the President, members of Congress, lobbyists, Big Business, special interest groups and mainstream media– they all claim to represent the American public.

But their “representation” is all about their agenda and nothing about action. It’s more about telling us what to think, rather than listening to what we say.

Street Rebuttal is all about addressing the issues as they affect the public, the issues the way they are at the end of the whip, where they are implemented. Without the hipe of the media or the fluff of the smooth talkers–be they White House representatives or lobbyists, lawyers or who have you.

The American public needs a place to gather, to connect, and to engage in the debates and conversations about the issues that affect them the most.

Political, corporate and media decision-makers prefer speaking out to the crowds and dictating their priorities from a lofty perch. But we –the taxpayer, the voter, the consumer, the person on the street – can tip the balance, create an upward momentum, regain our causes, and we can do it together from the ground up. is where you can help reclaim the voice of the public, where you can find the freedom of press. By sharing your opinions and thoughts with others, you can increase the activity of our collective intelligence. We must drive the national dialogue and deliver the message. We are the opinion makers in the american social issues, the public opinion. Share your video and say what u have to say. Make a revolution, make a difference, express your opinion and talck about hot topics at

With the election long over, the birther crowd takes on a new fight: obstructing health care reform.

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