Racial tension is on the rise for… political reasons?

I remember kneeling in front of the television as the riots broke out.  I can clearly remember watching the fires burning through homes and businesses, the police shooting water canons at crowds of  people in the streets, the beatings and blood.  I was only 6 years of age so I wasn’t thinking of race or of social injustice but more, “Why was it happening?”.  Thinking back on it now, I’m positive the broadcasters weren’t showing us what was truly going on, but do they now?  It was 1965 and racial tensions had been peaking within the civil rights camps (on both sides) throughout the country.  Being that I was only 6 years old it seemed surreal to me, yet I haven’t fogotten and I remember as if it were yesterday.

The streets on fire during the Watts riots in 1965

On August 11th, motor officer Lee Minikus pulled over Marquette Frye who he suspected was driving while intoxicated.  Also in the car his brother Ronald Frye.  Frye failed to pass sobriety tests and was arrested soon after. Minikus refused to let Frye’s brother, Ronald, drive the car home, and radioed for it to be impounded. Frye later recalled that everything was going fine and we, Minikus and I were even joking around, until his mother showed up.  Events escalated after his mother was shoved and the crowd of onlookers steadily grew from dozens to hundreds. The mob became violent, throwing rocks and other objects while shouting at the police officers. A struggle ensued shortly resulting in the arrest of Marquette and Ronald Frye, as well as their mother. Six days later peace was finally restored by the National Guard, but not before 35 were dead, 864 injured, thousands arrested and over $200 million in property damage had become a tragic reality.

Fast forward 26 and 27  years.  On March 3, 1991, Rodney King and two passengers were driving west on the Foothill Freeway through the Lake View Terrace a suburb of Los Angeles. The California Highway Patrol attempted to initiate a traffic stop and a high-speed pursuit ensued with speeds estimated at up to 115 mph.  What followed shocked the country and especially we Southern Californians.

Rodney King being beaten by five Los Angeles City Police

 When King finally yielded,  husband-and-wife team, CHP Officers Timothy and Melanie Singer ordered the occupants under arrest. After two passengers were placed in the patrol car, five LAPD officers attempted to subdue King, who had exited the car last. King was tackled and beaten with batons, and repeatedly kicked in the head.  According to the officers, King was under the influence of narcotics at the time of arrest.  Due to the circumstances King made repeated attempts to get up and continued to ignore officers demands that he place his hands behind his back and stop resisting. The incident was captured on tape by a local resident (George Holliday) from his apartment balcony.

After the film of the beating was purchased by local and national media, it spread like wildfire. The Los Angeles District Attorney subsequently charged four LAPD officers with assault and use of excessive force.

On April 29, 1992, the seventh day of jury deliberations, the jury acquitted all four officers of assault and acquitted three of the four of using excessive force.  The verdicts were based partially on the first two seconds of a blurry, 13-second segment of the video tape that was edited out by television news stations in their broadcast. Members of the black community were outraged (as was just about everyone else), and with good reason.

The Riots- That evening, beginning at the intersection of Florence and Normandie Blvd and spurred on by local gang members the streets of South Central once again exploded into a firestorm of violence. This time I wasn’t in front of a television, I was on Florence Blvd watching the buildings burn.  All I could do was gaze at it, frozen in my disbelief. 

After 2 solid days of insanity the toll was a staggering Fifty-three people dead, upwards of 2,000 people injured, $800 million and $1 billion in damage to property from an estimated 3,600 fires which destroyed some 1,100 buildings.   It took nearly a week for the violence to actually subside.  Those are days I will never forget, both in 1965 and especially in 1992.

Why am I posting this?  Here we are almost 20 years since the King Riots. We’ve elected an African American (which should be an American of African decent) as our President and yet we are facing racial division which, in my humble opinion, dwarfs that of recent decades. This division is not being spurred on because of civil rights violations, social violence or blatant racism, but because of political and social extremists using it as a tool to divide us.

Ask yourself why?  Why is this happening at a time when our country can ill afford to be split so devisively. Think about who would benefit the most from such division.  The politicians are certainly angling for the votes. The NAACP and minority organizers are built on foundations of defending racial strife.  Could it be that these organizers and politicians won’t allow racial peace simply because they’ll lose money and position?

If we as a country can be divided we can effectively be conquered, not from the outside, but from within.  I personally have had enough of the racial rhetoric that’s being so fervently bandied about.  Our politicians and activists are proving that if you say something enough, even if it’s an ovnious lie, it will somehow become a truth.  They are corrupt and corruption breeds hate.

What they don’t understand and are failing to see is that we are an exceptional country of uncommon people. It’s not about being black, white or brown,  it’s about being a citizen of the greatest country on earth.  Our Constitution is the foundation to our exceptionalism and it’s being decimated before us.  We have to trust in ourselves to believe what we know and feel is right.  It’s time to wake up, stop believing lies and strive to preserve the rules and rights that our forefathers set into motion. Read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and then ask yourself why politicians, progressives and social radicals want to crush them like so much dirt under the souls of their feet.

We are no longer a country of true racial divisions and hatred for the color of ones skin. We are becoming a country of class favoritism and elitists who are bent on having the rest of us serve their needs as they see fit.  They are trying to return us to the age of serfdom for their benefit under the guise equality.  They have no regard for the price they’ll have us pay to succeed in their plans.  I can only pray and hope that, as a people, we won’t give in and rise to the occasion.  That United under God, our Constitution, and the Truth we’ll overcome this adversity and, once again, be stronger for it

“As long as I have any choice, I will stay only in a country where political liberty, toleration, and equality of all citizens before the law are the rule.” –Albert Eisnstein

The United States, for all it’s faults and shortcomings, is still the last best hope for the world. I challenge any social (extremist) activist who cries for a social revolution to name a single land in the history of man that was able to survive a civil war with it’s government in place and stronger for it.  The reason why?  Because we have a Constitution that cannot be improved upon.  It’s perfection in writing and when you get something so right how can you possibly abandon it?  Socialist, Marxist and Class Based Goverments have proven again and again to not work!  Albert Einstein  was a fairly smart cookie, would he still come to the United States if he were alive?

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