It’s Bush’s Fault, It’s Obama’s Fault

“Our President seems to think the gulf oil spill is more a photo op than an emergency of biblical proportion!”

The left is screaming that it’s Bush’s fault because he and Cheney were (and are) in bed with the oil companies. The right is crying about how much longer it has taken Obama to do anything about the oil spill. I agree, it has taken him far too long but not because of his nature to treat national emergencies as a photo op. President Obama has to wade through all the bureaucratic spaghetti that he, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr. and our wonderful Senators and Representatives have created.

This isn’t his fault (not wholly), it’s your’s, mine and ours. We Americans have been duped into believing that our elected officials are actually watching our backs, all the while lining their pockets and building their empire… on our backs!

Deepwater Horizon aftermath, oil pours into the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of 100-150,000 barrels each day
100-150,000 barrels pouring into the Gulf of Mexico each day

The gulf oil spill should teach us one very important lesson.  Our government has become so large and fat that it can no longer function properly in times of crisis.   The State Department acknowledges it has had 21 aid offers from 17 countries, yet the Jones Act remains in place. The administration defends its stance by citing a well-established waiver process for foreign vessels. In short, a request to U.S. Customs and Border Protection prompts an inquiry to the Maritime Administration, which leads to a search of the U.S. fleet. If an American ship can provide the same services, the request is denied. Otherwise, the foreign vessel gets a waiver.

Do you see why there’s a problem?

Workers are fighting a battle to clean up the oil washing up on the gulf shores
Fighting the battle to clean up the gulf coast oil balls

Damn common sense, let the Beaurocracy continue…

GULF SHORES, Alabama – Former oil clean-up worker Candi Warren says she signed up to cause a change, but found the work of cleaning the beaches was just for a show. She said she was told to clean only the surface of the sand, that this is all cosmetic. She was on a crew at Gulf State Park where tourists go. She says it has priority to make it look like the beaches are clean. She quit despite the $18 per hour wages.

BP safety rules require that cleanup crews alternate between 20 minutes of hard work and 40 minutes of cooling off and hydrating under shady tarps. Now don’t get me wrong but this writer was a flooring contractor, and I know what hard, hot and dirty work is. If I worked 20 minutes and rested 40 minutes and then took a 2 hour lunch, I wouldn’t have needed the housing crash to put me out of business.

Then there’s OSHA…

According to OSHA, cleanup workers are covered by OSHA’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) standard (1910.120 and 1926.65). To explain the hazards cleanup workers face and the protections available to them, OSHA has a dedicated page on their website to the safety of oil spill workers.  They are also demanding that only union labor crew the ships being offered by other countries. Once again, I point you  to the Jones Act which was put in place in 1920 to ensure that the United States has the ability to maintain a fleet of merchant ships. So it was really for the protection of US carriers against competition from foreign carriers that might undercut our ability to have profitable merchant ships. This seems a stretch to think that foreign shipping will profit from this in such a way as to hurt our merchant vessels.

The fact is, the US started receiving offers from other countries just 3 days after the Deepwater Horizon exploded and now, almost 3 months later, the Jones Act has yet to be waived. For those of you on the left, it took Bush 5 days to waive the Jones Act and liberals screamed about how slow he was to act. Now, I’m not left or right in this article, I’m just sayin’- you know what I mean?

It seems to me the talking heads and spin doctors are getting exactly what they want, as in “never let a crisis go to waste”.  They are doing as bad a job at making it look like something is being accomplished as they are at actually accomplishing something.

Politics have fallen to such a low level of competency that they can’t even lie to us properly!

Recently the left and right have become almost militant when it comes to backing their party li(es)nes. In my humble opinion, it’s time to stop the party rhetoric and start demanding that both sides do something about this disaster. Politics as usual has no place in this crisis and any politician who plays politics on the back of this emergency should be dashed from office and tried for dereliction of duty.

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